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Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions Answers
Is there a gold room? No.
Is Endless Tower available here? It will be enabled soon, but monsters will be buffed.
Where can I download the game? Click here.
My account got hacked, where do I go? Register on the forums. Go to TICKET and file one according to your issue. Please follow the format provided.
How do I reach GMs in-game? Use @request. Please don't spam it and wait for an answer or you can directly send a message to available GMs in our discord.
Is this Pre-renewal or Renewal Server? We are pre-renewal server with adapted renewal features.
Where can I get my freebies? You can find "Mark" in the Novice Zone.
Do you provide Guild Packs? No.
Where is the mall, vending area and main town? Use these following commands: @mall, @vend, @maintown, @quest.
How to donate? Click here.
How to level up faster? We have boosted party exp multiplier so it's easier to level up with a party and enabling "even-share". Grab a friend or ask in #main to find a party mate.
Hiro 1,548
Reign 1,524
S n o o p 1,519
Shogun 1,515
Death 1,510
Dex Ming Si 1,509
GM-Canaria 1,508
Swooty 1,508
F Life 1,507
GM-Athanasia 1,507