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  5. [VIP Package - Bronze] 1x Bronze Title Coupon 1x Bronze VIP Box You can only purchase 1 per account, unless you wanna gift. Title is good for 31 days. VIP Headgear of the month (Evil Druit Hat) Price : 12 Donation Tokens --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [VIP Package - Silver] 1x Silver Title Coupon 1x Silver VIP Package You can only purchase 1 per account, unless you wanna gift. Title is good for 31 days. VIP Headgear of the month (Evil Druit Hat) Price : 25 Donation Tokens --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [VIP Package - Gold] 1x Gold Title Coupon 1x Gold VIP Package You can only purchase 1 per account, unless you wanna gift. Title is good for 31 days. VIP Headgear of the month (Evil Druit Hat) Price : 40 Donation Tokens --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [VIP Package - Platinum] 1x Platinum Title Coupon 1x Platinum VIP Box You can only purchase 1 per account, unless you wanna gift. Title is good for 31 days. Apr il Headgear of the Month (Platinum) Price : 60 Donation Tokens --------------------------------------------------------------- How to donate? Please click here. Thank you!
  6. Hello, Carats! Here are the updates for March 31, 2020. [WAR OF EMPERIUM] Guild Capacity increased from 16 to 24. Disabled the use of Chatrooms (Pub) inside WoE Castles. [SKILL CHANGES] CLOSE CONFINE (STALKER) Hard Delay Cooldown to 1 second. Duration of the skill lasts 1 second. User and Target receive 20% more Long Range damage during the duration. RECOVERY (PRIEST) Hard Delay Cooldown to 3 seconds. Pierces GTB. Recovery now removes the following: Bind Effect (Tarot Card of Fate) Spider Web Effect Critical Wounds Close Confine VENOM SPLASHER (ASSASSIN) Removed requirement that targets need to be at 1/4 HP or less. Skill can now be casted at Full HP. Set Timer to go off to fixed 2 seconds at all levels. Area affected from 5x5 to 10x10 Takes away 60% Max SP of all enemies. Set Hard Delay Cooldown at 1 second. SHOCKWAVE TRAP (SNIPER) Increase SP consumption from 80% to 100%. JOINT BEAT (LORD KNIGHT) Causes players unable to use Body Relocation, Backslide, High Jump, Sprint, Shadow Jump, Lope, and Charge Attack for 0.5 sec. Hard Delay Cooldown of 1 second. ACID TERROR QUAGMIRE DECREASE AGILITY (PRIEST) The skill when casted to target now reduces healing on the following skills; Potion Pitcher Slim Potion Pitcher I'll Save You (Marriage Heal) [NEW NPC] VIP DAILY REWARDS NPC Rewards given daily for VIP title holders. NPC located below the Daily Rewards. [NEW ITEM / ITEM CHANGES] KARNA'S RING OF WEALTH Added in Karna's Shop. NOVICE RING, 3RD CLASS RING, AND SECOND JOB RING These items are now account bounded. GLORIOUS POPULARIZED ITEMS Items are now storageable. DIABOLUS SHOES Now wearable for all classes. EYES OF KARNA Now gives -6% Vit Def for Snipers. GLADIATOR NIGHTMARE BOX Changed rewards upon completion of Gladiator Arena - Nightmare Mode BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, AND PLATINUM VIP BOX Changed headgears for April Edition [NPC CHANGES] RUN OR DIE (AUTOMATED EVENT) Fixed majority of the bugs. DAILY BOUNTY NPC Fixed issue where the quest does not restart daily. MONTHLY HEADGEAR QUEST NPC FISHING NPC RECOLOR NPC HOURLY NPC Updated for April 2020 Edition. MINI GAME CREDIT NPC Added new items in the NPC. BATTLEGROUND SHOP Added new items in the Battleground Shop. [HOTFIXES] Added prefix for Hardrock Mammoth Card & Tendrililion Card. Disabled @warp in instances. Gold received in Gold Room reduced by 1. Added MVP Announcement for HARDROCK MAMMOTH & TENDRILION Fixed Stalker Card not showing stats for NINJA. World Boss and Gladiator Arena now fixed to 5 rewards in party. If party member exceeded more than 5, it will be distributed randomly to 5 persons.
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  8. how do we use the coins from the mining
  9. Hello, Carats! Here are the updates for March 17, 2020. [NEW FEATURE] HUNTER'S RANKING A feature that records MvP kills. 1 MvP = 1 point MVP Monsters that are available in MvP Arena are not counted. Weekly Rewards for Top 2 MvP Hunters. NPC Location of the leaderboard : malaya 181 212 SEAL OF THE WOUNDED MORROCC (NORMAL MODE & NIGHTMARE MODE) Implemented 2 modes to finish a day. Drop Rates for Normal Mode & Nightmare Mode are different. Players may be able to finish both modes in a day. SEAL OF THE VALKYRIE (NORMAL MODE & NIGHTMARE MODE) Implemented 2 modes to finish a day. Drop Rates for Normal Mode & Nightmare Mode are different. Players may be able to finish both modes in a day. PVP WEEKLY TOP FEATURE Every week, the TOP 2 users that have the highest PvP Point will receive a reward. The rankings can be viewed by vising the NPC in malaya 170 219 The rankings can also be seen in [NEW NPC] LOTTERY NPC Ticket Fee is 20M zeny. The Lottery will draw every 12:30 Server Time daily. Prize will start in 1 Karma's Coin. It will be increase by 1, everyday when there is no winners yet. NPC Location : malaya 201 224 DISGUISE NPC NPC that converts the player into a Monster. Accepts Zeny and Disguise Ticket as currency. NPC Location : quest_sanc 81 134 [NEW AUTOMATED MINI-EVENT] RUN OR DIE EVENT : BOMB PORING EDITION The automated event will run daily at 03:15 and 11:15 Server Time (@time) The goal is to survive, last man standing. Prize for the event : 1x Karna's Coin [NEW ITEMS] SECOND CLASS SUIT A ring that will change the user to 2nd Job Class Disguise. Available in Donation Luxury. NOVICE DISKETTE A ring that will change the user to Novice Class Disguise. Available in Donation Luxury. 3RD CLASS SUIT A ring that will change the user to Third Job Disguise. Available in Donation Luxury. DAY RING Available in Donation Shop. EYES OF KARNA Available in Karna's Shop. KARNA'S ENDLESS ARMOR Available in Karna's Shop. KARNA'S ENDLESS ROBE Available in Karna's Shop. KARNA'S ENDLESS SUIT Available in Karna's Shop. [NEW CARDS] BRINARANEA CARD Increase Water Property magical damage by 15% Compounded : Weapon Stack Limit : 2 Monster (MVP) is available in Endless Tower. EVOLVED CREATOR CARD Available to be crafted via @quest in Evolution Cards. EVOLVED PROFESSOR CARD Available to be crafted via @quest in Evolution Cards. [CARD CHANGES] ARC ANGELING CARD Adjusted HP Regeneration and added HP Percentage. GOBLIN LEADER CARD Modified effect. Stack Limit : 1 [HOTFIX / CHANGES] [FEATURE] VIP SYSTEM VIP TITLES will now be affecting all characters instead of a single character. [GVG] WOE CHANGES Announcer will now announce the name of the player who destroyed the Emperium. [NPC] DONATION SHOP NPC Added new items for Donation Luxury. Added new items for Donation Costumes. Added new items in Donation Headgear. [NPC] QUEST HEADGEAR SLOTTER NPC Fixed issue where NPC is limitting players to slot the item. [NPC] ENCHANT NPC Fixed issue where description says 110M but it is actually taking 120M for Armor Category. [NPC] LEGACY NPC Added Atroce Card in the MVP List. 2 Points per Atroce Card. [INSTANCES] GLADIATOR ARENA NPC Fixed issue where Gladiator Arena does not announce Nightmare Mode or Normal Mode properly. Fixed issue where players can re-generate the party producing multiple retries. Fixed issue when players got disconnected, they can still go back until they can finish the instance. Added a tracker for how many boss left. Removed Weekly Prize for Gladiator Arena : Normal Mode [INSTANCES] ENDLESS TOWER NPC Fixed issue where players got disconnected, they may still go back within a time limit. Added all new mvp's in the endless tower including the recent mvp's. [MONSTER] WORLD BOSS Monster had been buffed accordingly. [CARD] TENDRILRION CARD & HARDROCK MAMMOTH CARD Fixed issue about the cards and not working. [ITEM] MYSTIC BRANCH Removed all mvp's that exist in Field Maps. Included all new mvp's in mystic branch only. [ITEM] BOARDING HALTER Fixed issue where boarding halter can't be stored in storage. It is now Account Bound. [SKILL] SKILL CHANGES [LORD KNIGHT] Spear Boomerang adjusted from 140% to 180% in all Map/Mode settings. [CHAMPION] Asura Strike fixed issue regarding damage. Removed Damage limit cap for PVE, it will still have 1 Million DAMAGE CAP in PVP/GVG Settings.
  10. Team Name : partynyeeeh Player 1 :Nyeeeh Player 2 : Poerss Team Motto : Jangkrik Bows!
  11. Team Name: PorkchopDuo Player 1: S n o o p Player 2: Landpro Team Motto: Be Happy
  12. Team Name: Vibe Player 1: Yukihira Souma Player 2: Encik Abang Misai Team Motto: We do be kinda vibin' tho 👀
  13. Team Name : WeDontCare Player 1 : Home Sick Player 2 : Unholy Team Motto : Just do what you want 🙂
  14. Team Name : TeamBodoh Player 1 : Lakas mo po Player 2 : 94715 Team Motto : Keep Trying
  15. Greetings! We're ramping up the PvP action with our first ever season of Unethical RO 2vs2 event! The official season will start tomorrow, March 14, 2020 and ends on March 29, 2020. Ranking Date/s : March 14 to 20, and March 23 to 27. Championship Date/s : March 21 to 22 and March 28 to 29, 2020. Event Mechanics : The ranking event will run daily from 14:00 to 15:00 Server Time (via @time) Map is Set to PvP Settings. Tournament Type : Round Robin Best of 2 per match. Possibile for a tie in rankings. Highest point per bracket will advance to the Championship qualifier. Match Time limit is 4 minutes. Teams will be dispelled upon entering the battle arena. Players may be able to replace their roster but their points will reset back to 0. Maximum of 2 minutes upon announcement per Team. If team did not show, automatic next match. Point Standings and results will be posted here in the same thread. Top 4 teams will advance to championship dates. Event Rules & Restrictions : No JOB REPITITION. (Baby class of the same class is also not allowed) Dual Client Teams are not allowed. (If caught, automatic disqualification) All types of COMA is not allowed. Healing items are not allowed. Teleportation items are not allowed. Asura Strike is allowed after 3 minutes. Banned Skills/Jobs: Star Gladiator/Taekwon/Soul Linker is not allowed. Marriage Skills is not allowed. Basilica is not allowed. Resurrection is not allowed. Trick Dead is not allowed. Abracadabra is not allowed. Prizes : TBD How to Register for the event? Players can register for the event by posting in this thread with this example format; Team Name : Player 1 : Player 2 : Team Motto : Players can also join directly in-game while event is ongoing. Teams will be registered here after. Map Name: PvP : Event Coliseum (pvp_2vs2) --------------------------------------------------- Day 1 Rankings : March 14, 2020 Day 2 Rankings : March 15, 2020 Day 3 Rankings March 16, 2020 Day 4 Rankings March 18, 2020 Day 5 Rankings March 19, 2020 Day 6 Rankings March 20, 2020 ------------------------------ Qualified Teams for Championship (March 21-22, 2020)
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  18. Hello, Carats! Good day to all. Here are the updates for the first week of March. [NEW FEATURES] GUARDIAN MOROCC SEAL Resets upon official time. Once per day. Party is required to enter. NPC Location : @warp malaya 180 352 SEAL OF THE VALKYRIE Resets upon official time. Once per day. Party is required to enter. NPC Location : @warp malaya 179 347 GLADIATOR ARENA - NIGHTMARE MODE EDITION Added Nightmare Mode for Gladiator Arena. Reward for Completion : Gladiator Nightmare Box Can be done once a day. [NEW ITEM] GLADIATOR NIGHTMARE BOX Prize for completion of Nightmare Mode. Can be obtained once a day. [NEW CARDS] Increases Critical Damage by 35% Increases Damage received from Demihumans and Monsters by 20% Stack Limit : 2 Appears in Endless Tower and Mystic Branch Compounded on Weapon Matk +10% Increase SP consumption of skills by 100% Appears in Endless Tower and Mystic Branch Stack Limit : 1 Compounded on Weapon Reduces damage taken from Fire, Wind, Earth, Water and Undead property attacks by 5%. Increases damage taken from Ghost, Holy, and Shadow property attach by 50%. Appears in Endless Tower and Mystic Branch Compounded on Garment [FEATURE CHANGES] ENDLESS TOWER BIJOU, FACEWORM QUEEN, and GENERAL DAEHYUN had been removed in Endless Tower. Replaced with ANGRY STUDENT PYURIEL, DARK GUARDIAN KADES, and TIME HOLDER. MVP ANNOUNCER Changed to Global Announcement instead of Chatbox Announcement. @ignoremvp added to turn off MVP announcement. (This is turned ON by default) @loginsettings to configure this to be on/off always. (Relog to make changes) [NPC CHANGES] CURRENCY TRADER NPC Added option to convert Donation Token to Zeny. See NPC for more information. HOURLY POINTS NPC Updated for March 2020 Edition. DONATION SHOP NPC Added Biolab 3 and Biolab 4 Cards. FISHING SHOP NPC Updated for March 2020 Edition. MONTHLY QUEST HEADGEAR NPC Updated for March 2020 Edition. KARMA SHOP NPC & RECOLOR NPC Added new items. See NPC for more information. BLOODY BRANCH NPC Reduced Zeny requirement from 400M to 200M zeny. [ITEM CHANGES] MYSTIC BRANCH Added new MVP monsters. BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, and PLATINUM VIP BOX Headgears updated for March 2020 Edition. Click here for more information. INSTANCES ITEMS Equipments are now refineable. [MONSTER CHANGES] Nidhoggr's Shadow Has now been buffed heavily. @monsterinfo 2022 Nidhoggr's Shadow Has now been buffed heavily. @monsterinfo 1751 BIOLAB 3 & BIOLAB 4 (lhz_dun03 and lhz_dun04) Now randomizes spawn locations for both MvP's in their respective field maps. [HOTFIXES] IFRIT MASK fixed issue where players are not able to put a card on the headgear. ZORRO SWORD fixed issue where it is not convertible into costume when refined. DAILY BOUNTY fixed issue where BAPHOMET and KTULLANUX is not recognized by the NPC. WORLD BOSS updated with the new announcement and removed moro_vol. CART TERMINATION SKILL fixed with the visual bug of Glorious Ring + Medallion combo. TAROT CARD OF FATE SKILL reverted back with Third Check. More balanced rates than the previous. ASURA STRIKE SKILL no longer exceeds 1 Million damage. SLIM POTION PITCHER SKILL fixed issue with wrong script. Should now have a more balance heal with Paladins and married characters.
  19. Hello, Carats! These are the new updates for this week! [NEW FEATURES] MVP ANNOUNCER MVP's will now be announced when they are respawning in 60 seconds. This includes Biolab 3, Biolab 4, Wounded Morroc, and Nydhoggr's Shadow. Tombstones will still be enabled. Common MVP's are not included. [NEW NPC's] DAILY REFINING Daily Refining NPC is a daily quest that resets daily upon official server time. Players will be tasked to refine certain weapons and gives rewards after completion. Can only be finished once per day. NPC Location : @warp quest_sanc 108 122 DAILY BOUNTY Daily Bounty NPC is a daily quest that resets daily upon official server time. Players will be tasked to hunt a random MVP Monster and gives rewards after completion. Can only be finished once per day. NPC Location : @warp quest_sanc 108 119 DAILY RECHARGE Daily Recharge NPC is basically a donation reward for the day. It is once per day only. Daily Recharge Box is given automatically after successful donation. Minimum to get the box is 1 Donation Credit or equivalent to $1 Daily Recharge box information is down below; NPC Location : @warp malaya 235 227 [NEW ITEMS] ZORRO'S SWORD Lower Headgear All stats +2 ATK + 10% Increase ATK 1% for every 2 refine rates. 5% chance of Autocasting Level 2 Reject Sword Item can be found in Karma Shop. DAILY RECHARGE BOX Reward for completion of Daily Recharge NPC. MYSTIC BRANCH Mystic Branch works exactly like a Bloody Branch. The only difference is that, it does not summon common MvP's. Biolab 3, Biolab 4, Wounded Morrocc, Nidhoggr's Shadow, Bijou, Faceworm Queen, and General Daehyun is included in the list. Can be obtained in Daily Recharge NPC. WOE BOX Can be claimed with WoE Credit after partaking War of Emperium. 2x Enchanter Coin 5x 10M Zeny Note 100x War Badge 1x Glorious Box GLORIOUS BOX A random chance to get battleground equipments such as Glorious Items, Medal Badges, and War Badges etc. [NEW CARDS] WOUNDED MORROC CARD Add 5% chance of Auto Casting Level 3 Critical Wound when dealing physical attack. Enchants Armor with Undead elemental. Increases resistance against Stun, Curse, Stone Curse, Silence, Confusion, Freeze, and Critical Wounds status by 10% Compounded : Armor NIDHOGGUR SHADOW CARD MATK +10% When Equipped by High Wizard : Reduce fixed cast time of all skills by 50% Compounded : Armor [NMONSTER CHANGES] Wounded Morroc has been heavily buffed. You may check via @monsterinfo 1917 World Boss Ankou has been buffed. You may check via @monsterinfo 3029 [NPC CHANGES] INSTANCES now allows the usage of Yggdrassil Berry and Seed. Endless Tower, Biolab, and Gladiator Arena won't still allow the usage of healing items. FISHING NPC is now automatic. It will just need a click to cast it repeatedly. [HOTFIX] SLIM POTION PITCHER has been reverted to default. Poison Bottle can now be stored in cart. Fixed script for Creator Card. Fixed Dark Lord card where meteor storm chases the attacker instead of the user's location. Fixed Gladiator Arena. Fixed VIP Color titles not showing properly.
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  21. Hello, Carats! These are the changes for this week's maintenance. Major updates will be next week. [FEATURE CHANGES] ENDLESS TOWER Disabled usage of @warp and @jump inside Endless Tower. Players that had finished Endless Tower will no longer be able to join a newly generated party of Endless Tower. (Strictly, one time per week) Disabled the usage of healing items except for Yggdrassil Leaf. WORLD BOSS Adjusted schedule 10 minutes before War of Emperium of Friday/Saturday/Sunday. World Boss will no longer spawn in moro_vol. New spawn location : Center of Malaya. Now gives 5 Quest Certificate for every participants when World Boss is killed. KING OF EMPERIUM HILL Guilds will not be able to invite players during King of Emperium ongoing. Disabled enter for Dual Client. [NEW ITEM] GLADIATOR BLOODTROPHY Prize for the best time of the week in Gladiator Arena that resets every week. [ITEM CHANGES] KARNA'S GARMENT Added Class Effects [MAGE,ARCHER,ACOLYTE] Perfect Dodge +5, Increase the Perfect Dodge by (upgrade level*2) [SWORDMAN,MERCHANT,THIEF] Reflect 5% melee damage back to enemies. Increase percentage reflect damage by (upgrade level*2) Item is now tradeable, and storageable. ----------- KARNA'S SHOES Item is now tradeable, and storageable. ------------- PVP & PVE INSTANCES WEAPONS | ARMORS can no longer be dropped but will still be tradeable and storageable. ----------- CREATOR CARD Adjusted Healing Effectiveness from 25% to 32% [HOTFIX] Added a popout box if the user have more than 2 Billion zeny in their character. Faceworm Queen Card now shows additional Crit. Diabolus Manteau are now tradeable, droppable, and storageable. Fixed issue where Silver, Gold, and Platinum VIP's still gets charged to use Shaman Arsenio NPC.
  22. Hello, Carats! Here are the following updates for this week! [FEATURE] ENDLESS TOWER The NPC can be found by typing @instances, or going @quest then through Daily Instances. Endless Tower is not repeatable. It has a cooldown of 6 days, timer is in the area too. Every week, it will rotate MVP Monsters. Endless Tower Guide will be released this week. NPC Location : @warp malaya 168 345 CURRENCY TRADER An NPC that converts Donation Tokens to Karma Coins and vice versa. Check the NPC for more details! NPC Location : @warp malaya 235 227 [NPC CHANGES] February Edition NPC's The following NPC's had been updated; you may check their respective NPC's in-game. Fishing Shop | @fishing Monthly Quest Headgear | @quest VIP Packages for February Karma Coin Shop & Donation Shop (Luxury) Added Halter Lead (Mount Ring) Priced at 10 Karma Coins. MINING Added chance to fail or get nothing at 60% Implemented No Limit. No longer allows Dual Client mining. (Single Client only) Automatic Mining FISHING No longer allows Dual Client fishing. (Single Client only) [NEWLY ADDED RENEWAL MVP MONSTERS] 1). FACEWORM QUEEN Can only be found in Endless Tower. Heavily Buffed Monster Drops Card 2). BIJOU Can only be found in Endless Tower. Heavily Buffed Monster Drops Card 3). GENERAL DAEHYUN Can only be found in Endless Tower. Heavily Buffed Monster Drops Card [NEW ITEMS & CARDS] FACEWORM QUEEN CARD Maximum HP +15% Crit +15, Critical Damage +7% Every refine level of the compounded gear : Crit +1, Increases Critical Attack damage by 1% Compound on : Shoes BIJOU CARD Atk +5% , Matk +5% Max HP -25% Every Refine Level : Str+ 1 , Atk/Matk +1% Compound on : Headgear Stack Limit : 1 GENERAL DAEHYUN CARD Critical Rate +10, Hit +5 Increases Bowling Bash Damage with an one hand or two handed sword by 35%. If wearer is using two handed sword, decrease received damage from magical damage by 40%. Compound on : Weapon Stack Limit : 1 ENTWEIHEN CROTHEN CARD Increase MATK by 15%. MATK +100 Receive 30% more damage from Physical Damage Compound on : Armor KARNA'S GARMENT Can be crafted in Karna's Shop via @quest NPC Location : @warp malaya 96 132 KARNA'S SHOES Can be crafted in Karna's Shop via @quest NPC Location : @warp malaya 96 132 [SKILL CHANGES] SLIM POTION PITCHER (CREATOR) from 200% down to 100%. DISPELL (PROFESSOR) now dispells Soul Link Effects. Pierces Golden Thief Bug Card effect. INVULNERABLE SIEGFRIED (BARD/GYPSY) Set maximum elemental resist to 25% except neutral element. The effect persist for 3 seconds after leaving the area of effect. CENTRALIZED CLASS SOUL LINK (SOUL LINKER) a customized skill for all soul link effect per different class/job. LEX DIVINA (HIGH PRIEST) now removes Provoke and Mindbreaker Skill from the target, set at 100% chance. Pierces Golden Thief Bug Card effect. Cooldown : 1 second. BENEDICTIO SANCTISSIMI SACRAMENTI (HIGH PRIEST) should now work as how Elemental Change Skill from Professor Skills work. It will change the target's element to Holy Element. Catalyst : Holy Water Single Target : 90 seconds duration Can overwrite the element. SUFFRAGIUM (HIGH PRIEST) should now work as how Elemental Change Skill from Professor Skills work. It will change the target's element to Shadow Element. Catalyst : Cursed Water Single TArget : 90 seconds duration Can overwrite the element. [HOTFIX] Fixed Four Leaf Clover in Mouth (Headgear) should now be storageable and tradeable, Fixed S Deviling Card (Starter Card) should now be working as intended. Fixed Hardrock Mammoth Card (Description) updated the following description to its original modified effect. Fixed Healing Staff & Glorious Cure Wand (Healing) should now be adding the right healing percentages for these weapons. Fixed Card Remover NPC bug that remains the effect of decarded card in their equipment.
  23. Hello, Dear Carats! Good day to you all. It's been a month since the last announcement. Here are the following schedule for the War of Emperium and King of Emperium Hill for February 2020. [WAR OF EMPERIUM] War of Emperium will take place every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Please, check WoE information NPC located at malaya 198 236 for the castle rotation. Friday : February 14, February 21, and February 28, 2020 @ 14:00-15:00 Server Time (@time) 10:00 PM-11:00 PM GMT+8 Saturday : February 15, February 22, and February 29, 2020 @ 14:00-15:00 Server Time (@time) 10:00PM-11:00PM GMT+8 Sunday : February 16, February 23, and March 1, 2020 @ 13:00-14:00 Server Time (@time) 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM GMT+8 General Changes : Guild Capacity limit is now 16 players only. Exceeding members will get kicked out inside the castle. HP Cap increased from 1,500,000 HP to 1,850,000 (All Classes) [KING OF EMPERIUM HILL] King of Emperium Hill will take place every Tuesday & Thursday @ 14:00-14:30 Server Time (@time) 10:00PM-10:30PM GMT+8 General Changes : Guild Capacity for KoE is 16 players. Individual rewards for winners. "Conqueror of the Hill Box" [FEBRUARY EVENTS] 1). Guide Making Event Event is simple. Make your detailed and creative guide then post it here at forums. We are giving away Donation Tokens based on the quality of the guide. This is open for everyone. Post the guides here : Guide for Guide Event : (You may choose any of the following) Instances Guides Newbie Guides Job Guides PvP Guides (BG,WoE,etc.) PvE Guides (MvP, etc.) Item Guides and etc. Prizes : Karma Coins & Donation Tokens End Date : February 29, 2020 2). Weekly Vendors Raffle Event Event Mechanics: Whitesmith or Merchants are required and items to sell. Commands : @autotrade , @at , @vend Winners will be announced every Saturday @ 12:00 Server Time 2 Winners only every week. Maximum of 8 vendors. (8 chances) per one Gepard Unique ID. Other accounts will be voided. If the vendor is selling unnecessary items, it will get kicked by a Game Master. Make sure the prices are reasonable, newbie friendly, and useful for everyone. Vending Place, just type in-game @vend. Prizes : Karma Coins & Donation Tokens End Date : February 2020 3). February Guild vs Guild Event 2020 Server's first Major Event for Guild vs Guild Event will take place this February. More Details will be posted for a new announcement here at forums. Prizes : TBD 4). February Valentine's Event 2020 Details will also be announced with the guild vs guild event. Prizes : TBD [OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS] Next maintenance will be on February 10, 2020 GM-Sensate is no longer part of the Staff Team. We thank him for all the contributions he had made for the server. 10vs10 GvG Event will take place this month of February. Majority of Discord Channels will be transitioning to our Forums. Only #support and #unethicalro will be open in discord. Thank you all for keeping the support for Unethical Ragnarok Online. We won't be standing long enough without you all. God bless and enjoy! Sincerely, Crimson Kyo Administrator
  24. Hello, Carats! Here are the following changes for this week's patch. [KING OF THE HILL - OFFICIAL RUN] Schedule : Tuesday and Thursday 10PM to 1030PM GMT+8 | 14:00-14:30 SERVER TIME Guild Capacity Limit : 16 players. Individual Rewards for the winning Guild Conqueror of the Hill Box More details will be posted in official announcement. [WAR OF EMPERIUM CHANGES] Guild Capacity limit is now 16 players only. Exceeding members will get kicked out inside the castle. More details will be posted in official announcement. [NEW NPC's] Karna's Shop NPC Location : @warp quest_sanc 96 133 All Karna's Items are moved in this npc. Monthly Headgear NPC NPC Location : @warp quest_sanc 92 139 February Limited Quest released. [NEW ITEMS & CARDS] Enchanter Ticket Item use for Enchant NPC Allows a free enchant without usage of zeny and enchanter coins. World Boss Runes Does not stack with PvP Runes. Only 1 rune works and does not stack effects. Runes available in World Boss Shop. NPC Location : @warp quest_sanc 92 128 Flamel Card Flamel now drops card at 10% Rate. (This is not an MVP) Common mob can be found in @warp lhz_dun04 Hardrock Mammoth Card MvP Located in @warp man_fild03 MvP Respawns every 240minutes upon killed. Hardrock Mammoth MVP had been buffed with stats. MVP is spawnable in Bloody Branch and Class Change. Card Drop rate at 10% Compounded on Shield Tendrilrion Card MvP Located in @warp spl_fild03 MvP Respawn timer has been changed from 60 minutes to 240 minutes. Tendrilrion had been buffed with stats. MVP is spawnable in Bloody Branch and Class Change. Card Drop rate at 10% Compounded on Shield [SKILL/ITEM CHANGES] [General - Changes] Falcon Assault [SNIPER] Now pierces pneuma but will only deal 1/3 damage through it. Adds maximum MATK to the final damage. [If your current falcon assault damage is 10,000 and your maximum MATK is 7,000, then Falcon Assault new damage should be 17,000] Impositio Manus [HIGH PRIEST] Now casts to party. No longer single target buff. Holy Light [HIGH PRIEST] Now pierces Holy Armor (Angeling Card) when wearing Evolved High Priest Card Magnus Exorcimus [HIGH PRIEST] Should now affect shadow element. Slim Potion Pitcher [CREATOR] from 200% healing for non-married characters, 50% healing for married characters. Flying Side Kick [TAEKWON] Dispell Chance back to 100% Land Protector [PROFESSOR] Set delay at 0.8s Provoke and Mind Breaker set to 100% chance. Marriage Heal Set delay at 65ms. [Battleground - Changes] Defender Skill [PALADIN] Long Range Reduction Halved Effect Golden Thief Bug Card / E Golden Thief Bug Card / Paladin Card - nullify magic damage from 85% to 80% Acid Demonstration [Creator] damage to 80% Spear Boomerang [Lord Knight] damage to 150% to 110% Double Strafe [Sniper] damage to 235% (The same with all map settings Venom Knife [ASSASSIN CROSS] damage adjusted from 1500% to 150% [WoE/GVG - Changes] Defender Skill [PALADIN] Long Range Reduction set at 67% Hunter Spirit [SOUL LINKER] Raise the chance from 10% to 15% for Sharpshoot skill to ignore half of defender's effect. Double Strafe ignores half of defender at 10% chance. Golden Thief Bug Card [also E Golden Thief Bug Card] and Paladin Card: nullify magic damage from 85% to 75% Crusader Spirit [SOUL LINKER] : Raise HP cap of paladins to 2,000,000 Meteor Storm [HIGH WIZARD] : Reduced damage from 500% to 200% Knight Spirit: Spiral Pierce [from ignoring half of the defender effect to completely ignore it]. Add Spear Boomerang to ignore half of the defender effect when linked. [MAJOR CHANGES] ALL HP CAP Raised from 1,500,000 to 1,850,000. [MAX HP LIMIT] [HOTFIX] Salamander Card description effect fixed. 'Day Ring' item is now fixed should be working for all classes to use autospell at level 4 Added Box of Box of Panting in Battleground Shop. Wheel of Fortune not giving Mystical Card Album is now fixed. Lower Costumes Sprites that does not appear is now fixed. Healer NPC debuffing all good buffs and items is now fixed. Rental Keys becoming apples when expired should no longer give apple automatically. MvP Card Drops that are not dropping has now been fixed. Mining will no longer have a 200x limit on February 5, 2019. It will still be geparded. Fishing will now be geparded on February 5, 2019.
  25. Hello, sorry for the inconvenience of the extended maintenance. Have a good day. [General] Added new hairstyles (up to 97) and color (up to 251) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Feature Changes] [NEW! Biolab Daily Instance] Available on @instances Resets on official server time Mechanics: No HP healing items with the exception of yggdrasil leaf When all players die, they get kicked and cannot re-do the instance til reset No repeatable jobs Automatic 'Even Share' drops Receive 'Biolab Reward Box' upon completion [NEW! MVP Ladder] NPC: Gladiator Arena (quest_sanc 109 125) Mechanics: Minimum of 3 players (all must be inside) I Maximum of 5 players Deaths may only be resurrected by 'Resurrection' Skill or by Yggdrasil Leaf I No auto respawn If all party members died, they are restarted to previous 3rd level Yggdrasil Berry and Seed are disabled No repeat jobs 'Gladiator Reward Box' given upon completion Disabled @warp and @jump Every Monday @ Server time is the reset for weekly rankings. Prize for the best time of the week is ; 1x Karma Coin and 1x Donation Token for each party member. [Mining Dungeon] Added Gepard Computer Unique ID Set Mining Limit to 200 Mining is now automatic with one click Adjusted mining coin rates: Bronze Coin = 30% Silver Coin = 10% Gold Coin = 3% Mithril Coin = 1% Platinum Coin = 0.50% Enchanter Coin = 1% [Daily Rewards] Gepard based hourly point timer [World Boss] Schedule change to Friday 15:00 ST I Saturday & Sunday 1 hour before War of Emperium (12:00 ST). [Official Server Reset Time] Daily Quest Resets Daily every 12 hours. Timer in @quest behind their NPC's Daily Instances, and Gladiator Arena resets every 24 hours. Timer in @quest ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Item Changes] Removed all item restrictions on PVE Armors and Glorious items Glorious Weapons are now all indestructible E Drake now deals more damage to MVP monsters instead of Large-type enemies The Sign, BG Medallions, and Glorious Rings' effect won't work if players are wearing 2 of these same accessories. Note: Send @request or ticket if you've already claimed 2 of these for compensation Clown Card: When under the effect of Poem of bragi, reduce damage taken from Demi-Humans by 2%. Physical and Magical Damage increase by 2%. Enable its user to detect hidden enemies. [Doesn't stack] Lowered weight on all dye creation requirements, white slim potion, blue potion, and Box of Panting 'The Sign' accessory is now tradable Ifrit Rings can now be worn by all classes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [NPC Changes] [Daily Quest NPC] All quests are now "Gepard Computer Unique ID" Changed all missions and adjusted quest certification rewards to 4 per completion [Instance Reset Timer NPC] Added on @quest map to check for checking reset timers on certain instances and daily quest [Kit Coin Shop and Card Collector NPC] Lowered zeny and 'kit coin' requirements [Battleground Item Shop NPC] NPC Location: malaya 292 273 Sells various consumables [WoE Shop NPC] Reduced 'War Credit' requirements for all listed headgears [MVP Cards Evolution] Lowered material requirements for E Baphomet Card [War of Emperium] All castles are now 2nd room flag-ins except Holy Shadow, Kriemhild, Skoegul, Mersetzdeiz, and Yesnelph [Karma Shop] Removed Crimson Rose Adjusted prices for Diamond Dust, Gangster Scarf, Balloon Hat, Copolla, and Hunter's Cap [Quest Reward Redeemer] Reduced prices for 'Bloody Branch' and 'Mystical Card Album' [Recolor NPC] Added Copolla, Wings of Victory, Skull Cap, and Gangster Scarf [Skill Changes] Bowling Bash: fixed AoE setting to default Elemental Change: Fixed at level 1 and lasts 90 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Battlegrounds] Increased chance to obtain 'Costume Shard' to 35% Disabled Bloody Branch and Dead Branch Adjusted the following damage setting to: "weapon_damage_rate 60", "magic_damage_rate 60", "misc_damage_rate 60", "long_damage_rate 80", "short_damage_rate 80", Note: This won't be changed again [Skills Modifications only inside Battlegrounds] [100% = default] Enabled 'Running' Skill Meteor Storm [From 500% to 200%] Storm Gust [130%] Heavens Drive [110%] Magic Crasher [150%] Lord of Vermillion [150%] Fire Wall [250%] Fire Pillar [300%] Falcon Assault [240%] Slim Potion Pitcher [70%] Throw Venom Knife [1500%] Sanctuary [120%] Mammonite [200%] Triple Attack [150%] Arrow Vulcan [115%] Shield Chain [115%] Cold Bolt, Fire Bolt, Earth Spike, and Lightning Bolt [110%] Spread Attack [150%] Ground Drift [700%] Spear Boomerang [150%] Spiral Pierce [150%] Throw Huuma Shuriken [110%] Throw Kunai [150%] Note: Future modifications inside BG planned for future patch (not yet implemented) include, but not limited to: Defender Skill [Halved Effect] Golden Thief Bug Effect and BG Shield [80% magic nullification] Cart Termination damage increase Throw Tomahawk damage increase Soul Breaker damage increase Grimtooth damage increase Increase number of hits to 2 to remove traps ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [MISC/Fixes] Fixed issues with repeating daily quests 'Filvandrel's Wrath' now have 'True Sight' on applicable classes Creator and Champion Card should now drop at a 10% chance Added MvP Notification for Lighthalzen 4 MvPs Viewing image of 'Evolution MVP Cards' should not crash players Healer NPC now removes 'strip' status Disabled @mall, @quest, and @vend inside PVP arena Added 'Embryo Creation Guide' on Alchemist NPC Refine rates decreased by a percentage
  26. Hey, Carats! Please spend some time to read the following changes and additions below in this maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience. Fortune favors the bold. Good luck to all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Battlegrounds] Added 'Capture the Flag' mode. 'Happy Hour' (50% more points) at these specific times: 14:00-16:00 Sunday / Tues / Thurs / Sat server time Unlimited Dynamic Queue (minimum 3 vs 3) [There is a chance for odd team numbers, even numbers soon!] Now heals & dispels players upon entry only Disable guild skills @ecall and 'restore' skill Every 5th win, players get 'Battleground Reward Box' KVM Point Adjustment: 8 badges win // 2 badges loss Added 'Idle Warning' when players aren't moving or using skills Battleground Reward Box (Random) [Obtainable every 5th Win in battleground] Donation Token Bloody Branch Convex Mirror Power Slotter Item Costume Coupon Costume Shard (Exchangeable at Shard Shop @bg) Mystical Card Album 20x War Badge 5x 10M Zeny Note 10x Old Card Album Quest Certificate Box 5x Box of Box of Panting Enchanter Coin Box Purified Elunium Box Purified Oridecon Box Enriched Elunium Box Enriched Oridecon Box ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Cards] Creator Flamel Card Increase Heal Effectiveness of Slim Potion Pitcher by 25% Increase SP consumption by 35% Compound: Headgear Gypsy Trentini Card Arrow Vulcan Damage +4% Dex +5 Compound: Accessory ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Skills] Meteor Storm Each meteor hits 1x for 2500% MATK MS still spawns the correct number of meteors (7 at level 10) Salamander Card: Meteor Storm Damage +100% Hard Cooldown: 1000ms or 1 sec Note: Changes were made to reduce lag input in WoE Auto Spell Now takes highest level of bolt you've learned Added 'Earth Spike' Skill Land Protector Cooldown brought back to default 65ms Potion Pitcher Now heals 1/4 to married characters only Note: Changes were made due to availability of E Bacsojin, E Boss Cenia, and E Orc Hero ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Items] Added the following cards in Evolution MVP Cards: Adjusted the following weight of these items: - [PVP] Pike III: 650 weight - [PVE] Pike III: 650 weight - Glorious Spear: 650 weight - Pike[4]: 500 weight - White Potion: 5 weight Karna Armor: Decrease HIT from +200 to +50 I +5 Def and MDEF Karna Robe: Added Stalker Class Filavandrel's Wrath: fixed 'True Sight' bug on 'Gunslinger' class. Added -Vit Def bonus on higher refine levels E Lord Knight Card: Fixed effect to properly apply STR bonus I Now applies to: Assassin Cross Class Sniper Card: Reduced hit to 125 Fixed issue of White Lady and Evolved White Lady Card giving more healing effects than intended The following cards won't stack more than 2: - Alligator - Siroma - Imp - Gypsy Trentini - Gallion - Cookie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [NEW NPC'S] [Shard Shop NPC] Location: malaya 270 273 Currency 'Costume Shards' are collected randomly from 'Battleground Rewards Box' 'Battleground Rewards Box' are obtained every 5th win in BG [Battleground Headgear Shop] Location: malaya 270 276 [Card Collector NPC] Location: quest_sanc 80 139 Exchanges normal monster cards to 'Kit Coins' for exchanging goods in 'Kit Shop NPC' [World Boss Shop] Location: quest_sanc 90 128 Exchange 'Reaper's Gemstone' currency which is obtained from World Boss [NPC'S CHANGES] [Karma Shop NPC] Added Hunter Cap, Copolla, Gangster Scarf, Crimson Rose, Kiel Aura, Balloon Hat, and Diamond Dust [Recolor NPC] Added Gangster Scarf, Copolla, Captain Hat, and Hunter Cap [Mini Game Exchanger NPC] Added Headgears [Woe Rewards NPC] Added Shanks Cape and Divine Helm [Donation Shop] Added 'Day Ring' headgear ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [MISC/Fixes] Added 'Stylist' NPC on every town Manuk Field 1-3 is now accessible to players 'Legacy Trader' NPC: Added Lady Tanee Card for 4 credits Punching Bag [Purple Rock]: Fixed knockback issue I Adjusted to Demihuman property Added missing prefixes for all MVP cards including all evolution cards Fixed Healer NPC bug Enchanter NPC: - Fixed movement speed enchant to stack with increase agility effect - Fixed armor/mdef increase from armor enchant - Fixed wrong elemental reduction item description
  27. Hello, Dear Carat! These are the items that you can get by donating. You may also check the items by typing @donate in-game. How to Donate? Click here. ---0--- Donation Luxury Donation Costume Donation Headgear Donation Armors Donation Card Donation Consumable ---0--- [DONATION LUXURY] January 2020 VIP Packages (Monthly) You can check the detailed guide of VIP Package by clicking the link. [DONATION COSTUME] Costume Invisible Cap Priced at 2 Donation Tokens Costume Invisible Glasses Priced at 2 Donation Tokens Costume Invisible Mask Priced at 2 Donation Tokens Costume Ultra Instinct (White) Priced at 10 Donation Tokens Recolors Available @ malaya 240 220 Costume Vicious Mind Aura Priced at 10 Donation Tokens Recolors Available @ malaya 240 220 Rainbow Sigrun Wings Priced at 20 Donation Tokens Harambe Hat Priced at 30 Donation Tokens Book of Magic Priced at 30 Donation Tokens RGB Unstable Aura Priced at 20 Donation Tokens Costume Cat Ears Priced at 20 Donation Tokens Recolors Available @ malaya 240 220 Costume Noble Cape Priced at 15 Donation Tokens Costume Cat Ears Hat Priced at 15 Donation Tokens Costume Pride Awakaned (White) Priced at 10 Donation Tokens Recolors Available @ malaya 240 220 Costume Oblivion Awakened (White) Priced at 10 Donation Tokens Recolors Available @ malaya 240 220 Costume Unleashed White Priced at 8 Donation Tokens Recolors Available @ malaya 240 220 Cos Oveflowing Aura (White) Priced at 10 Donation Tokens Recolors Available @ malaya 240 220 Cos Aurasheen Aura (White) Priced at 10 Donation Tokens Recolors Available @ malaya 240 220 Cos Spirit Aura (White) Priced at 10 Donation Tokens Recolors Available @ malaya 240 220 [DONATION HEADGEARS, ARMORS, CONSUMABLES, & CARDS] WILL BE UPDATED HERE SOON. FOR REFERENCE, PLEASE GO TO @donate in-game. Thank you!
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