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    Team Name : WeDontCare Player 1 : Home Sick Player 2 : Unholy Team Motto : Just do what you want 🙂
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    Team Name : TeamBodoh Player 1 : Lakas mo po Player 2 : 94715 Team Motto : Keep Trying
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    Hello, Carats! Here are the updates for March 31, 2020. [WAR OF EMPERIUM] Guild Capacity increased from 16 to 24. Disabled the use of Chatrooms (Pub) inside WoE Castles. [SKILL CHANGES] CLOSE CONFINE (STALKER) Hard Delay Cooldown to 1 second. Duration of the skill lasts 1 second. User and Target receive 20% more Long Range damage during the duration. RECOVERY (PRIEST) Hard Delay Cooldown to 3 seconds. Pierces GTB. Recovery now removes the following: Bind Effect (Tarot Card of Fate) Spider Web Effect Critical Wounds Close Confine VENOM SPLASHER (ASSASSIN) Removed requirement that targets need to be at 1/4 HP or less. Skill can now be casted at Full HP. Set Timer to go off to fixed 2 seconds at all levels. Area affected from 5x5 to 10x10 Takes away 60% Max SP of all enemies. Set Hard Delay Cooldown at 1 second. SHOCKWAVE TRAP (SNIPER) Increase SP consumption from 80% to 100%. JOINT BEAT (LORD KNIGHT) Causes players unable to use Body Relocation, Backslide, High Jump, Sprint, Shadow Jump, Lope, and Charge Attack for 0.5 sec. Hard Delay Cooldown of 1 second. ACID TERROR QUAGMIRE DECREASE AGILITY (PRIEST) The skill when casted to target now reduces healing on the following skills; Potion Pitcher Slim Potion Pitcher I'll Save You (Marriage Heal) [NEW NPC] VIP DAILY REWARDS NPC Rewards given daily for VIP title holders. NPC located below the Daily Rewards. [NEW ITEM / ITEM CHANGES] KARNA'S RING OF WEALTH Added in Karna's Shop. NOVICE RING, 3RD CLASS RING, AND SECOND JOB RING These items are now account bounded. GLORIOUS POPULARIZED ITEMS Items are now storageable. DIABOLUS SHOES Now wearable for all classes. EYES OF KARNA Now gives -6% Vit Def for Snipers. GLADIATOR NIGHTMARE BOX Changed rewards upon completion of Gladiator Arena - Nightmare Mode BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, AND PLATINUM VIP BOX Changed headgears for April Edition [NPC CHANGES] RUN OR DIE (AUTOMATED EVENT) Fixed majority of the bugs. DAILY BOUNTY NPC Fixed issue where the quest does not restart daily. MONTHLY HEADGEAR QUEST NPC FISHING NPC RECOLOR NPC HOURLY NPC Updated for April 2020 Edition. MINI GAME CREDIT NPC Added new items in the NPC. BATTLEGROUND SHOP Added new items in the Battleground Shop. [HOTFIXES] Added prefix for Hardrock Mammoth Card & Tendrililion Card. Disabled @warp in instances. Gold received in Gold Room reduced by 1. Added MVP Announcement for HARDROCK MAMMOTH & TENDRILION Fixed Stalker Card not showing stats for NINJA. World Boss and Gladiator Arena now fixed to 5 rewards in party. If party member exceeded more than 5, it will be distributed randomly to 5 persons.
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    Hello, Carats! Here are the updates for March 17, 2020. [NEW FEATURE] HUNTER'S RANKING A feature that records MvP kills. 1 MvP = 1 point MVP Monsters that are available in MvP Arena are not counted. Weekly Rewards for Top 2 MvP Hunters. NPC Location of the leaderboard : malaya 181 212 SEAL OF THE WOUNDED MORROCC (NORMAL MODE & NIGHTMARE MODE) Implemented 2 modes to finish a day. Drop Rates for Normal Mode & Nightmare Mode are different. Players may be able to finish both modes in a day. SEAL OF THE VALKYRIE (NORMAL MODE & NIGHTMARE MODE) Implemented 2 modes to finish a day. Drop Rates for Normal Mode & Nightmare Mode are different. Players may be able to finish both modes in a day. PVP WEEKLY TOP FEATURE Every week, the TOP 2 users that have the highest PvP Point will receive a reward. The rankings can be viewed by vising the NPC in malaya 170 219 The rankings can also be seen in https://unethical-ro.com/panel/ [NEW NPC] LOTTERY NPC Ticket Fee is 20M zeny. The Lottery will draw every 12:30 Server Time daily. Prize will start in 1 Karma's Coin. It will be increase by 1, everyday when there is no winners yet. NPC Location : malaya 201 224 DISGUISE NPC NPC that converts the player into a Monster. Accepts Zeny and Disguise Ticket as currency. NPC Location : quest_sanc 81 134 [NEW AUTOMATED MINI-EVENT] RUN OR DIE EVENT : BOMB PORING EDITION The automated event will run daily at 03:15 and 11:15 Server Time (@time) The goal is to survive, last man standing. Prize for the event : 1x Karna's Coin [NEW ITEMS] SECOND CLASS SUIT A ring that will change the user to 2nd Job Class Disguise. Available in Donation Luxury. NOVICE DISKETTE A ring that will change the user to Novice Class Disguise. Available in Donation Luxury. 3RD CLASS SUIT A ring that will change the user to Third Job Disguise. Available in Donation Luxury. DAY RING Available in Donation Shop. EYES OF KARNA Available in Karna's Shop. KARNA'S ENDLESS ARMOR Available in Karna's Shop. KARNA'S ENDLESS ROBE Available in Karna's Shop. KARNA'S ENDLESS SUIT Available in Karna's Shop. [NEW CARDS] BRINARANEA CARD Increase Water Property magical damage by 15% Compounded : Weapon Stack Limit : 2 Monster (MVP) is available in Endless Tower. EVOLVED CREATOR CARD Available to be crafted via @quest in Evolution Cards. EVOLVED PROFESSOR CARD Available to be crafted via @quest in Evolution Cards. [CARD CHANGES] ARC ANGELING CARD Adjusted HP Regeneration and added HP Percentage. GOBLIN LEADER CARD Modified effect. Stack Limit : 1 [HOTFIX / CHANGES] [FEATURE] VIP SYSTEM VIP TITLES will now be affecting all characters instead of a single character. [GVG] WOE CHANGES Announcer will now announce the name of the player who destroyed the Emperium. [NPC] DONATION SHOP NPC Added new items for Donation Luxury. Added new items for Donation Costumes. Added new items in Donation Headgear. [NPC] QUEST HEADGEAR SLOTTER NPC Fixed issue where NPC is limitting players to slot the item. [NPC] ENCHANT NPC Fixed issue where description says 110M but it is actually taking 120M for Armor Category. [NPC] LEGACY NPC Added Atroce Card in the MVP List. 2 Points per Atroce Card. [INSTANCES] GLADIATOR ARENA NPC Fixed issue where Gladiator Arena does not announce Nightmare Mode or Normal Mode properly. Fixed issue where players can re-generate the party producing multiple retries. Fixed issue when players got disconnected, they can still go back until they can finish the instance. Added a tracker for how many boss left. Removed Weekly Prize for Gladiator Arena : Normal Mode [INSTANCES] ENDLESS TOWER NPC Fixed issue where players got disconnected, they may still go back within a time limit. Added all new mvp's in the endless tower including the recent mvp's. [MONSTER] WORLD BOSS Monster had been buffed accordingly. [CARD] TENDRILRION CARD & HARDROCK MAMMOTH CARD Fixed issue about the cards and not working. [ITEM] MYSTIC BRANCH Removed all mvp's that exist in Field Maps. Included all new mvp's in mystic branch only. [ITEM] BOARDING HALTER Fixed issue where boarding halter can't be stored in storage. It is now Account Bound. [SKILL] SKILL CHANGES [LORD KNIGHT] Spear Boomerang adjusted from 140% to 180% in all Map/Mode settings. [CHAMPION] Asura Strike fixed issue regarding damage. Removed Damage limit cap for PVE, it will still have 1 Million DAMAGE CAP in PVP/GVG Settings.
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    Team Name : partynyeeeh Player 1 :Nyeeeh Player 2 : Poerss Team Motto : Jangkrik Bows!
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    Team Name: PorkchopDuo Player 1: S n o o p Player 2: Landpro Team Motto: Be Happy
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    Team Name: Vibe Player 1: Yukihira Souma Player 2: Encik Abang Misai Team Motto: We do be kinda vibin' tho 👀
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    The next big thing is coming..