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    Hello, everyone! These are the made changes during the maintenance. Please report any bugs or concerns you have to any of the Staff about the implementation of the said changes in-game. Your feedbacks are highly appreciated. Thank you. NEWLY ADDED FEATURES Instances Old Glast Heim is now available! Type @instances in-game and talk to Hugin. Maximum of 6 members per party. 24 hours cool down time. Always enable the "Party Share Loot" in party options. Hourly Point Exchange NPC You can now AFK and earn points! The ratio is 1:1 (1 Point per 1 hour of staying in-game) You can trade your points for goodies! Check the NPC for the list. Your timer starts after you start logging in-game, you will receive a notification in your chat box once you start earning points. The timer will reset once you do these following actions: You changed character. You put up a pub or vending. You get disconnected. Black Friday NPC is now available! Check out the items she's selling for limited time only! Referral NPC is now available! All the information you need is in the NPC. Gold Room Manager NPC is now live. Restrictions inside the map are the ff: 300,00 zeny fee to enter the room. Equipments will be automatically remove once you enter the map. Skills are off. Drop rate of items inside the map will be shown when you interact with the NPC. Items Gym Pass You can exchange this to Gym Pass Exchanger NPC located at payon 170 142. (This location is temporary and will be moved back in malaya 229 218 soon.) Miscellaneous Battleground is now available in-game. To join just type @joinbg It is currently in beta-testing phase please report any found bugs, much appreciated. @whosells/@ws - command is now available in-game. [Format: @ws/@whosells itemID/ItemName E.G @whosells 969] @ecall - command is now available. Has different cooldown timer with the other Guild skills command. NON-PLAYABLE CHARACTERS [NPC] - HOT FIXES Quest Redeemer NPC quest materials has been adjusted and added zeny as a requirement. Rental Headgears NPC and VIP Rental NPC Added Crimson Robot Ears #31016 Added Kirigakure Headwear Protector #31005 Added Kumogakure Forehead Protector #31006 MVP Warpers NPC is now working again. (Hurray!) Beginner NPC added a "FAQs" category option. Healer NPC is now automatically repairs your broken items. Daily Quest NPC Familiar Hunting is now fixed. ITEM CHANGES High Priest Card (4363) now occupies accessory slot. 3% auto casting of level 3 assumptio to the user when hit by physical and magical damage. Sniper Card (4367) from 5% chance of gaining 20% of damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack to Add a 10% chance of gaining 30% of damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack. High Wizard Card (4365) can now pierce Players MDEF gears. INT MDEF will be applied on the next maintenance (sorry!) Removed Job Restrictions and Level to these following armors: (can be worn by every classes and baby classes) Valkyrie Sets Diabolous Sets Wool Scarf Orleans Glove Orleans Server Horn Card is now fixed. Doppelganer Card is now fixed. (should increase the attack speed) Ancient Angelic Valkyrie Helm added new attribute. If Dex => 400, +5 DEX. Moober Hat (31017, 33025) from 10% neutral reduction to 5%, added 5% received more damage from other elemental attacks. Crimson Robot Ears (31016, 33027) from -50 vit def to -30 vit def. Tatacho Card (4442) decrease resistance against neutral attack from 20% to 10%. SKILL CHANGES Throw Tomahawk is now a default skill for Whitesmith Class. Sanctuary skill now gives '7777' heals per tick. (This is applied to all Priest classes including the Baby Class) Pressure skill added a delay of 0.2ms. Close Confine skill is now fixed. Defender skill long range reduction has been changed to 75%. Devotion skill no longer gets removed when swapping shields. Lope/Leap/High Jump skills is now working inside PvP arena. MISCELLANEOUS Emperium HP Bar in War of Emperium is now not visible to players. Pets no longer die from hunger. You can keep them for eternity. :)