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  1. First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the patience. The server host performed a maintenance which caused the server to crash. Since there's already a scheduled maintenance, we thought we should just extend the downtime since the server will be down anyways. This patch notes is THICC so I hope I don't bore you to death. Anyways, here's the patch notes. Patch Notes Guild Package Guilds can now claim their GPACK from GMs. Here are the requirements: - Minimum Members : 6 players - Must be online upon redeeming - Provide screenshot of group How to claim GPACK? - Type @request or post to Forums, Facebook, or Discord. GPACK contains the following (items are account bounded excluding the supplies): Trial War of Emperium • The trial WoE will be on Sunday 24/11/2019 - 13:00 - 14:00 server time. Donation • Added Costume Unleashed Blue to Donation NPC for 8 Donation Tokens. • Added Costume Ultra Instinct White to Donation NPC for 10 Donation Tokens. • Added Power Slotter Item to Donation NPC and the cost 2 pieces for 1 Donation Token. (All sprites are officials for Unethical RO and has the rights to use it. Made by : Haziel) Quest • Lowered the Daily quest monsters. • Increased obtainable Quest Certificates from Daily quest from 1 to 3 per quest. • November Limited Quest - Added Golden Gladiator Helm and Bloodfire Sword to Daily Quest NPC. It is only available in November. • Due to Quest Certificates now being account bound instead of character bound, we increased the required Donation Certificates for Quests (non-slotted headgears). • To compensate for the increased Quest Certificate, we decreased the materials for each headgear quest (non-slotted). • Added Bloody Branch to Daily Quest NPC. • Added Mystical Card Album to Daily Quest NPC. Item Slotter • Players can now trade their non-slotted headgear from Daily Quest to slotted ones in exchange for Power Slotter Item (2x per DT). Item Changes • Valkyrie Armor, Valkyrie Shield, Valkyrie Manteau, and Valkyrie Shoes now have a 40% drop rate. • Diabolus Armor, Diabolus Robe, and Diabolus now have a 40% drop rate. • Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb now has 60% drop rate. * Due to the feedback and suggestions from players (including MVP hunters), we lowered the drop rate for these items. * • Instance armors are now account bound. World Boss • World Boss now correctly spawns. • Heavily buffed the world boss' HP. We got reports that it could be solo'ed. We will buff its damage if it's still too easy. Buwaya Cave Instance • Fixed the Buwaya Cave cooldown bug. • Disabled @jump in Buwaya Cave. Skill Changes • Increased Double Strafing Damage from 180% to 300% (please provide feedback if it's still weak/too strong). • Increased Cart Termination damage from 100% to 115%. Minor changes/fixes • Added Beginner Guide NPC in Malaya. • Skulls obtained from PVP can now be stored. • Quest Certificates are now account bound (instead of character bound). • Added Bloody Branch, Battle Manual, and Panacea to Malaya Tool Dealer. • Changed White Lady / Bacsojin Card effect to 10% additional healing for Monk, Rogue, and Crusader class (other classes still get 30% additional healing). • Fixed Rental. Cards compounded on rental gears now return to your inventory. Also, re-added slotted rental headgears. • Fixed damage in PVP room. For some reason the damage in PVP room was reduced by a huge amount.
  2. The maintenance took a bit longer today due to a bug in one of the features we added today. We apologize for the extended time the maintenance took. Anyways, here is the patch notes. Patch Notes Rental System - Player now obtain "UERO Rental Key" on their first login in the week. They can use it to rent one headgear for 3 days. - VIPs obtain "VIP Rental Key" instead and they can rent one headgear for 4 days. * NOTE if VIPs already received their rental item for the week, then they will have to wait for the following week to get their VIP Rental Key. VIP System - Players can now choose to be a VIP in exchange for Donation Token. Player can buy "VIP Package" from the Donation NPC for 12 Donation Tokens. They can then trade it to a GM to receive their VIP title. They also have a blue name to distinguish themselves. VIP Perks include: • No cost for using Shaman Arsenio's service (Buffer NPC). • No cost for job rebirth. • They get VIP Rental Key instead of the normal Rental Key (see above). * More perks coming soon. * World Boss - Every Tuesday 22:00 server time and Friday 10:00 server time, the world boss "Grim Reaper Ankou (3029)" will spawn. - There will be an announcement 5 minutes before he spawns to inform players. - Players just need to type "@worldboss" to participate. - The world boss will spawn randomly in the map. MECHANICS - The world boss requires you to have a party in order to receive the rewards. You can hit the world boss but it won't count. - The party who deals the most damage will get the rewards from the world boss. - The loots are distributed evenly to players and only up to 6 members can get a reward from the world boss from the party. If your party has less than 6 members, you still only get 1 per player. - Players who participated in the World boss will receive 5 Costume Certificates but only if they did at least 50,000 damage to the boss. Instances: Buwaya's Cave is now available! - Players can go to the Instances area by typing @instances. - Instances are currently per character so the loots/materials are currently character bound. More instances will be available in the next few weeks. Minor Changes/Fixes: - Added Sex Change NPC near the Donation NPC. It costs 5,000,000 zeny and it is per character. - Added Build Manager to save/load stats. It is next to the Rental and Stylist NPC. - Increased Homunculus Intimacy growth per feed to 30 maximum (rate increased from 100 to 3000 - change made before maintenance). - Removed Opening Packs from Donation NPC. - Added VIP Package into Donation NPC.
  3. Patch Notes Battle Arena Note*: Battle Arena is still not fully tested so you may encounter bugs. If this happens, please inform us by submitting a ticket or letting one of the GMs know via @request or PMing them in Discord. Job Master - Players can now rebirth back to High Novice if they are max level (cost is 5,000,000 zeny). Minor Fixes/Additions - Fixed required materials for some quest headgears. - Added Elemental Converters to Scroll NPC (500k each). - Shaman Arsenio's buffs now last 5 minutes (excluding Endure - changed before maintenance). - Implemented "Abandon Quest" NPC for players who wish to abandon their daily quest (added before maintenance). - Added Reset Hatred option to 'Reset NPC' (added before maintenance).
  4. Patch Notes The Following Bosses had their HP and Damage reduced. The Following Bosses had their HP, Damage, and MDEF increased. Added Custom Headgear Quest NPC - Players can now make non-slotted custom headgears (account bound). - Quest NPC is located at malaya 237 240. Added Donation Package - Players can now buy Donation Packages from the Donation NPC. - The boxes are account bound, however, the items contained in the box are trade-able. - Donation NPC is located at malaya 237 221. Added Karma's Coin Shop NPC - Players can now buy items using their Karma's Coin (obtainable through events). - NPC is located at malaya 237 217. Minor Fix/Additions: - Bacsojin / White Lady Card description now correctly displays item effect. - Replaced Army Cap with Winter Hat for Helm of Abyss Quest (Halloween Event NPC). - Removed the 24 hour wait for deleting characters. - Increase chance of obtaining Emperium Anvil from Old Purple Box (OPB) and Old Blue Box (OBB). - Increased amount of Costume Coupons from Donation Shop (1 Donation token = 3 Costume Coupons). - Added more monsters on Abracadabra Class Change and fixed the chance rate. - Added Party Finder NPC in Beginner Zone (can only do this 3 times per account - This will be changed to 3 times per character). - Removed Lighthalzen (LHZ) cards from Donation Shop.
  5. GCash How to send money with GCash: (You must be fully verified user of GCash in order to send money) Via GCash Mobile App: 1. Click 'Send Money' 2. Choose 'Express Send' 3. Send to* | 09054288552 , Your 'Desired Amount', Click 'Next' (Number in words : ZERO-NINE-ZERO-FIVE-FOUR-TWO-EIGHT-EIGHT-FIVE-FIVE-TWO) 4. You will see a short message box. Message box should include these details; please follow the given format. [IGN: (YourIGN), (Amount), (Date:04/11/2019) 5. Click 'Confirm' take screenshot of the receipt and contact us via @request, here in forums, or discord. PayMaya How to send money with PayMaya: (You must be fully verified user of Paymaya in order to send money) via PayMaya Mobile App: 1. Click 'Send Money' 2. Choose 'Send to Mobile' 3. Send to* | 09771280994 , Your 'Desired Amount', Click 'Next' (Number in words : ZERO-NINE-SEVEN-SEVEN-ONE-TWO-EIGHT-ZERO-NINE-NINE-FOUR) 4. You will see a short message box. Message box should include these details; please follow the given format. [IGN: (YourIGN), (Amount), (Date:04/11/2019) 5. Click 'Confirm' take screenshot of the receipt and contact us via @request, here in forums, or discord. If there are concerns regarding the payment methods we listed, let us know. Thank you!
  6. Register | Website | Discord The long awaited grand opening of UnethicalRO has finally arrived! Server will be opened today! 31st of October at exactly 8PM [+8GMT]. The server host is located in Los Angeles, California, USA. We're very sorry for the huge delay but to make up for it, the staff team prepared multiple events. In celebration of our first opening and Halloween! This will run for good for 2 weeks. All the detailed information is written below: (click the link) Rush Level Event Halloween Event You can now register to Unethical Ragnarok by following this link, also don't forget to join Discord to notify you for our future events and server updates! - [Download Links]
  7. Server Opened : October 31, 2019 BASIC FEATURES: Max Base and Job Level: 500/120 Base Exp rate: 20,000x Job Exp rate: 20,000x Party Exp Multiplier: 2,000x Max stats: 450 Max attack speed: 197 Drop rate: 10,000x (100% for most equipment and items) Normal Card drop rate: 20% MVP Card drop rate: 10% Max HP: 1.5 Million Max Guild Capacity : 16 players. Max Storage: 600 Max cart weight: 40,000 Alliance: Disabled Dual Client Enabled. (Up to 2 clients only) CUSTOM FEATURES: Gepard 3.0 1000+ Custom Items Lite Graphics Plugin (@lgp) Unique Endless Tower Gladiator Arena (Normal & Nightmare Mode) Custom Quests and Headgears Custom Battlegrounds Reworked Battleground Items Battle Arena (1 vs 1) Daily Instances Daily Quests Daily Rewards Wheel of Fortune World Boss Select Trans skills on Baby & Extended classes Runes System Gold Room Fishing NPC Mining System Hourly Points Referral System Card Legacy & Card Exchanger Automatic WoE Ranking PLAYER PACKAGES & FREEBIES New Player Freebies Equipment Set redeemable at malaya 200 228 Newcomer's Package Guild Package Minimum of 8 players to be eligble. Must participate WoE or items will be forfeited. Guild Package PLAYER COMMANDS type @ before the word. ex @request Custom Commands @killnotify , @loginsettings, @bgshop, @joinbg, @leavebg, @bg, @worldboss, @donate, @quest, @vend, @mall, @instances, @maintown, @ecall Server Videos Unethical RO - Server Trailer
  8. Ghost

    How to Donate

    Hello, Dear Carats! Thank you for your interest to donate and support the server. Our server requires funds in order to continue running. Players can donate to help the server and they will receive compensation in return. Donations are NOT compulsory but it is welcome. All Items are available to be obtained through quest, and by playing. Please keep in mind that donations are non-refundable and there are consequences when you attempt to refund. Donation Rates : $1.00 = 1x Donation Token (Currencies are converted automatically depending on your payment method and currency that you will use.) What are the Payment Methods? 1). PayPal & Credit/Debit Cards PayPal process are fully automated. You may click the image above to be redirected. You can get the Donation Tokens instantly after successful transaction. 2). Western Union Money Transfer If you choose to donate thru WU, type @request in-game to get the receiver details. WU Agents : You may go to a western union branch to send money, all you need is a valid id. Fill up completely the sender form (Message us to get the receiver details) Sender will pay the FEES. Give the form to the agent and they will be do one to process. Take note of the transaction code and take photo of the receipt. Send it to us via message in forums, @request in game, or mention us in discord channel. Once confirmed, we will send the donation tokens. 3). Gcash & PayMaya 4). 7-11 CLiqq & Local Banks What do I get from Donating? (Click links to be redirected) 1). Donation Shop 2). Monthly VIP Package
  9. Full Installer : (recommended installation process, click the links to download) EXE File Full Installer - Download via Direct Link How to install Exe Setup : Click one of the links above, follow the prompts, it will go through installation process. After installing, run the setup.exe and your patcher. ----0----- Lite Installer : (click the links to download) EXE File Lite Installer - Download via Direct Link How to install Lite Installer? Take note that Lite Installer does not have data.grf and rdata.grf, and if you have one make sure IT IS UPDATED. If your grf is not updated, you may experience errors within the game because the server is running some renewal contents. After download and extracting, just simply put your data.grf and rdata.grf in the same folder. Run your setup.exe and Unethical RO Patcher. ----0----- Other Files: (click the links to download) data.grf & rdata.grf (.rar) data.grf & rdata.grf - Download via Google Drive * This is only an optional file, these files are included in the Full Installer above. This is only required for lite instatller process. BGM Folder BGM - Download via Google Drive * Full installer doesn't have BGM Folders. You may put this in your Unethical RO Folder to have BGM in-game. DLL Files dll package * Only download this if you have a missing dll deleted by your anti-virus. Unethical RO Patcher UERO Patcher *Only download when this file is missing from the folder.