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  1. Hello, sorry for the inconvenience of the extended maintenance. Have a good day. [General] Added new hairstyles (up to 97) and color (up to 251) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Feature Changes] [NEW! Biolab Daily Instance] Available on @instances Resets on official server time Mechanics: No HP healing items with the exception of yggdrasil leaf When all players die, they get kicked and cannot re-do the instance til reset No repeatable jobs Automatic 'Even Share' drops Receive 'Biolab Reward Box' upon completion [NEW! MVP Ladder] NPC: Gladiator Arena (quest_sanc 109 125) Mechanics: Minimum of 3 players (all must be inside) I Maximum of 5 players Deaths may only be resurrected by 'Resurrection' Skill or by Yggdrasil Leaf I No auto respawn If all party members died, they are restarted to previous 3rd level Yggdrasil Berry and Seed are disabled No repeat jobs 'Gladiator Reward Box' given upon completion Disabled @warp and @jump Every Monday @ Server time is the reset for weekly rankings. Prize for the best time of the week is ; 1x Karma Coin and 1x Donation Token for each party member. [Mining Dungeon] Added Gepard Computer Unique ID Set Mining Limit to 200 Mining is now automatic with one click Adjusted mining coin rates: Bronze Coin = 30% Silver Coin = 10% Gold Coin = 3% Mithril Coin = 1% Platinum Coin = 0.50% Enchanter Coin = 1% [Daily Rewards] Gepard based hourly point timer [World Boss] Schedule change to Friday 15:00 ST I Saturday & Sunday 1 hour before War of Emperium (12:00 ST). [Official Server Reset Time] Daily Quest Resets Daily every 12 hours. Timer in @quest behind their NPC's Daily Instances, and Gladiator Arena resets every 24 hours. Timer in @quest ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Item Changes] Removed all item restrictions on PVE Armors and Glorious items Glorious Weapons are now all indestructible E Drake now deals more damage to MVP monsters instead of Large-type enemies The Sign, BG Medallions, and Glorious Rings' effect won't work if players are wearing 2 of these same accessories. Note: Send @request or ticket if you've already claimed 2 of these for compensation Clown Card: When under the effect of Poem of bragi, reduce damage taken from Demi-Humans by 2%. Physical and Magical Damage increase by 2%. Enable its user to detect hidden enemies. [Doesn't stack] Lowered weight on all dye creation requirements, white slim potion, blue potion, and Box of Panting 'The Sign' accessory is now tradable Ifrit Rings can now be worn by all classes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [NPC Changes] [Daily Quest NPC] All quests are now "Gepard Computer Unique ID" Changed all missions and adjusted quest certification rewards to 4 per completion [Instance Reset Timer NPC] Added on @quest map to check for checking reset timers on certain instances and daily quest [Kit Coin Shop and Card Collector NPC] Lowered zeny and 'kit coin' requirements [Battleground Item Shop NPC] NPC Location: malaya 292 273 Sells various consumables [WoE Shop NPC] Reduced 'War Credit' requirements for all listed headgears [MVP Cards Evolution] Lowered material requirements for E Baphomet Card [War of Emperium] All castles are now 2nd room flag-ins except Holy Shadow, Kriemhild, Skoegul, Mersetzdeiz, and Yesnelph [Karma Shop] Removed Crimson Rose Adjusted prices for Diamond Dust, Gangster Scarf, Balloon Hat, Copolla, and Hunter's Cap [Quest Reward Redeemer] Reduced prices for 'Bloody Branch' and 'Mystical Card Album' [Recolor NPC] Added Copolla, Wings of Victory, Skull Cap, and Gangster Scarf [Skill Changes] Bowling Bash: fixed AoE setting to default Elemental Change: Fixed at level 1 and lasts 90 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Battlegrounds] Increased chance to obtain 'Costume Shard' to 35% Disabled Bloody Branch and Dead Branch Adjusted the following damage setting to: "weapon_damage_rate 60", "magic_damage_rate 60", "misc_damage_rate 60", "long_damage_rate 80", "short_damage_rate 80", Note: This won't be changed again [Skills Modifications only inside Battlegrounds] [100% = default] Enabled 'Running' Skill Meteor Storm [From 500% to 200%] Storm Gust [130%] Heavens Drive [110%] Magic Crasher [150%] Lord of Vermillion [150%] Fire Wall [250%] Fire Pillar [300%] Falcon Assault [240%] Slim Potion Pitcher [70%] Throw Venom Knife [1500%] Sanctuary [120%] Mammonite [200%] Triple Attack [150%] Arrow Vulcan [115%] Shield Chain [115%] Cold Bolt, Fire Bolt, Earth Spike, and Lightning Bolt [110%] Spread Attack [150%] Ground Drift [700%] Spear Boomerang [150%] Spiral Pierce [150%] Throw Huuma Shuriken [110%] Throw Kunai [150%] Note: Future modifications inside BG planned for future patch (not yet implemented) include, but not limited to: Defender Skill [Halved Effect] Golden Thief Bug Effect and BG Shield [80% magic nullification] Cart Termination damage increase Throw Tomahawk damage increase Soul Breaker damage increase Grimtooth damage increase Increase number of hits to 2 to remove traps ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [MISC/Fixes] Fixed issues with repeating daily quests 'Filvandrel's Wrath' now have 'True Sight' on applicable classes Creator and Champion Card should now drop at a 10% chance Added MvP Notification for Lighthalzen 4 MvPs Viewing image of 'Evolution MVP Cards' should not crash players Healer NPC now removes 'strip' status Disabled @mall, @quest, and @vend inside PVP arena Added 'Embryo Creation Guide' on Alchemist NPC Refine rates decreased by a percentage
  2. Hey, Carats! Please spend some time to read the following changes and additions below in this maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience. Fortune favors the bold. Good luck to all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Battlegrounds] Added 'Capture the Flag' mode. 'Happy Hour' (50% more points) at these specific times: 14:00-16:00 Sunday / Tues / Thurs / Sat server time Unlimited Dynamic Queue (minimum 3 vs 3) [There is a chance for odd team numbers, even numbers soon!] Now heals & dispels players upon entry only Disable guild skills @ecall and 'restore' skill Every 5th win, players get 'Battleground Reward Box' KVM Point Adjustment: 8 badges win // 2 badges loss Added 'Idle Warning' when players aren't moving or using skills Battleground Reward Box (Random) [Obtainable every 5th Win in battleground] Donation Token Bloody Branch Convex Mirror Power Slotter Item Costume Coupon Costume Shard (Exchangeable at Shard Shop @bg) Mystical Card Album 20x War Badge 5x 10M Zeny Note 10x Old Card Album Quest Certificate Box 5x Box of Box of Panting Enchanter Coin Box Purified Elunium Box Purified Oridecon Box Enriched Elunium Box Enriched Oridecon Box ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Cards] Creator Flamel Card Increase Heal Effectiveness of Slim Potion Pitcher by 25% Increase SP consumption by 35% Compound: Headgear Gypsy Trentini Card Arrow Vulcan Damage +4% Dex +5 Compound: Accessory ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Skills] Meteor Storm Each meteor hits 1x for 2500% MATK MS still spawns the correct number of meteors (7 at level 10) Salamander Card: Meteor Storm Damage +100% Hard Cooldown: 1000ms or 1 sec Note: Changes were made to reduce lag input in WoE Auto Spell Now takes highest level of bolt you've learned Added 'Earth Spike' Skill Land Protector Cooldown brought back to default 65ms Potion Pitcher Now heals 1/4 to married characters only Note: Changes were made due to availability of E Bacsojin, E Boss Cenia, and E Orc Hero ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Items] Added the following cards in Evolution MVP Cards: Adjusted the following weight of these items: - [PVP] Pike III: 650 weight - [PVE] Pike III: 650 weight - Glorious Spear: 650 weight - Pike[4]: 500 weight - White Potion: 5 weight Karna Armor: Decrease HIT from +200 to +50 I +5 Def and MDEF Karna Robe: Added Stalker Class Filavandrel's Wrath: fixed 'True Sight' bug on 'Gunslinger' class. Added -Vit Def bonus on higher refine levels E Lord Knight Card: Fixed effect to properly apply STR bonus I Now applies to: Assassin Cross Class Sniper Card: Reduced hit to 125 Fixed issue of White Lady and Evolved White Lady Card giving more healing effects than intended The following cards won't stack more than 2: - Alligator - Siroma - Imp - Gypsy Trentini - Gallion - Cookie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [NEW NPC'S] [Shard Shop NPC] Location: malaya 270 273 Currency 'Costume Shards' are collected randomly from 'Battleground Rewards Box' 'Battleground Rewards Box' are obtained every 5th win in BG [Battleground Headgear Shop] Location: malaya 270 276 [Card Collector NPC] Location: quest_sanc 80 139 Exchanges normal monster cards to 'Kit Coins' for exchanging goods in 'Kit Shop NPC' [World Boss Shop] Location: quest_sanc 90 128 Exchange 'Reaper's Gemstone' currency which is obtained from World Boss [NPC'S CHANGES] [Karma Shop NPC] Added Hunter Cap, Copolla, Gangster Scarf, Crimson Rose, Kiel Aura, Balloon Hat, and Diamond Dust [Recolor NPC] Added Gangster Scarf, Copolla, Captain Hat, and Hunter Cap [Mini Game Exchanger NPC] Added Headgears [Woe Rewards NPC] Added Shanks Cape and Divine Helm [Donation Shop] Added 'Day Ring' headgear ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [MISC/Fixes] Added 'Stylist' NPC on every town Manuk Field 1-3 is now accessible to players 'Legacy Trader' NPC: Added Lady Tanee Card for 4 credits Punching Bag [Purple Rock]: Fixed knockback issue I Adjusted to Demihuman property Added missing prefixes for all MVP cards including all evolution cards Fixed Healer NPC bug Enchanter NPC: - Fixed movement speed enchant to stack with increase agility effect - Fixed armor/mdef increase from armor enchant - Fixed wrong elemental reduction item description
  3. Hey guys, this is the patch notes for today. We're sorry for the extended maintenance. Please take your time to read everything. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [New Features/NPC] [Lighthalzen Dungeon 4] Only MVP cards are available Warp: lhz_dun04 [Endless Tower] [Alpha State] Start NPC: Captain Janssen I malaya 170 345 Further customized mechanics and MvPs will be added in the future The Instance will open this Tuesday at GMT+8 13:00 Server Time [Restock Option] To enable/disable, type @restock To add/remove items, type @restock2 I Please check additional instructions in-game [DPS Punching Bag] Available in every town [MVP Ladder] NPC: Gladiator Arena [Hotfix Incoming Soon; Currently not Loaded] Mechanics: Minimum of 3 players (all must be inside) I Maximum of 5 players Deaths may only be resurrected by 'Resurrection' Skill or by Yggdrasil Leaf I No auto respawn If all party members died, they are restarted to previous 3rd level Yggdrasil Berry and Seed are disabled No repeat jobs Rewards are given per completion and another for best weekly clear time Disabled @warp and @jump [Wheel of Fortune NPC] NPC Location: malaya 229 204 I Appears at specific times I Gamble zeny for prizes [Newbie Zone NPC] NPC Location: malaya 193 231 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Donation Luxury Shop] VIP Package Tier System is now available [Additional Information of what's included will be posted later] Monthly VIP Package Details ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [New Items] Filavandrel's Wrath Available in 'Donation Shop' and 'Quest Redeemer NPC' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Battlegrounds] New BG Instance Only Equipment NPC Location: malaya 289 264 BG Shield BG Garment ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [NEW CARDS] Professor Celia Card Enables use of Level 1 Deluge, Level 1 Volcano, and Level 1 Violent Gale. Bolt Damage +5% Receives more damage from all elements (except neutral) by 3% If worn by [Sage Class] 15% chance to cast dispell to the attacker when receiving physical damage. Compounded on Accesory. Paladin Randel Card When under the effect of Providence; Nullify magic damage by 85%. Atk & Matk +3% Compounded on Shield Stalker Gertie Card Rogue/Stalker/Ninja : Additional ATK/MATK +14% Compounded on Armor Clown Alphoccio Card When under the effect of Poem of Bragi reduce damage taken from Demi-Humans by 5%. Compounded on Armor Gypsy Trentini Card When under the effect of Humming reduce damage taken from Demi-Humans by 3%. Compounded on Headgear Champion Chen Card Enables use of Level 3 Triple Attack. Attack + 7% When base agi is atleast 150, additional attack +3%. When the user receives physical attacks, small chance of autocasting Level 5 Investigate. Compounded on Armor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Skill Changes] Provoke Now works towards MVP monsters Defender Now reduces damage taken from monsters and MVPs by 70% Hunter Spirit [Bug Fix] Now should give 13% elemental damage reduction EXCEPT neutral in GvG settings as intended ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [GVG/WoE] Emperium HP decreased to 20,000,000 HP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [MISC/Fixes] Added Weapon Enchants using item options Added new enchant categories on garment, headgear, shoes, and accessory Enchanter Coin rate from mining increased from 0.3% to 1% I Gold Coin rate from 5% to 2% Fixed Double Strafe Damage to do 900% as intended Added a warp exit to the @mall area Added command @vend and @fishing to teleport to their respective zone areas Abracadabra Skill Adjustments: - Class Change occurs about 25% when ???? is triggered - Mini bosses are removed - MVP Room MVPs are back in - Lighthalzen 3 Bosses are back in the MVP pool Falcon Ring [1] and Vendor Ring [2] are available in 'Karma Coin Shop' All Donation Headgears are now available in 'Quest Redeemer NPC' Consuming 'Aloevera' now instantly puts level 1 provoke status instead of casting it with animation Skills that require "catalysts" can now be casted inside Battlegrounds without them with the exception of Arrows or Bullets - Example: You'll only need 1 Acid Bottle and 1 Bottle Grenade to cast unlimited 'Acid Demonstration' skill Added an automatic announcer for general game information that occur every 15 minutes Headgears from 'Fishing Rewards NPC] are now storageable Gym Pass and Power Slotters are now obtainable from 'Fishing Shop Exchanger' Players must now be online at least 60 minutes to claim 'Daily Rewards Box' from NPC Timer for 'Hourly Points' are stopped when fishing or mining Removed 'Elemental Damage Reduction' from Shield Enchantment 'Box of Blue Gemstone' now gives 'Blue Gemstone's when opened WoE Starter Hat neutral damage reduction decreased from 5% to 3% [PVP] Asura III now requires Asura II as intended -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Hello, Carats. First of all, Happy New Year! This is the first patch of the year. We have big upcoming updates this January so stay tuned. Thank you for your patience ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [General] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [New Features] Niddhogur's Nest [Card Evolution NPC] [King of Emperium Hill] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Item Changes] Karna's Robe: Increased heal and recovery item effects from 6% to 8% I Removed Stalker Class I Added Sniper Class Karna's Armor: Removed heal and recovery item effect completely I Increased STR bonus to 10 and HIT to 200 Byakugan: Increased chance to decrease enemies' SP from 10% to 25% Angelic Ancient Valkyrie Helm: Lowered agility requirement for additional movement speed from 300 to 200 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Skill Changes] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [MISC/Bug Fixes] Increased 'Class Change' rate from 1% to 6% Fixed 'Mystical Card Album' bug that enabled players to get certain cards at a much higher chance than possible Fixed bug that BG consumables were being converted into normal consumables Fixed bug on Battleground Armors that cause wearers to receive +300% more damage from other players Fixed bugs on enchanting equipment Fixed 'Grand Cross' skill bug that makes the caster unable to switch shield equipment Added a 'Banker NPC' inside the mining dungeon Added Ghostring, Angeling, and Deviling Card into 'Legacy Exchanger NPC' Replaced new items in Quest Headgear Redeemer Replaced new items in Hourly NPC Replaced new items in Fishing NPC Relocated NPC Locations on Malaya Fixed 'Holy Wing' issue not giving demi-human resistance when worn by certain classes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [GVG/WoE Damage Settings] Lowered all damage types to; Note: No future modifications will be done to this setting in the future
  5. Hello, guys! These patch notes may be a little bulky, but I hope you guys read everything. Maintenance will be around Saturday 7PM GMT+8. Thanks for your support and patience. NEW FEATURES [Daily Rewards] NPC Location: malaya 186 231 Gives 'Daily Reward Box' once a day. Computer Gepard Unique ID based. Note: 'Daily Reward Box' rewards are random with more unique items at lower percentage [Ultimate WoE Ranking] NPC Location: malaya 181 216 Shows 'Guild Statistics' by kills/deaths/breaks [Card Legacy & Legacy Store] Exchanges MvP Cards only for Massive Costumes. NPC Location : malaya 233 218 NEW ITEMS Note: Obtainable through 'Quest Reward Redeemer NPC' at malaya 202 227 Karna's Suit Karna's Robe Karna's Armor Newcomer's Package Claimable only by new players. Click Here for more information. Must comply with verification with staff through forums and in-game Guild Package Note: Claimable only by new guilds and players alike Minimum of 8 active players Must comply with verification with staff through forums and in-game. Click Here for more information Current guilds will be given a small compensation [More details soon to be decided] Guild Leader Package Guild Member Package General Skill Fix/Changes I'll save you Caster no longer consumes hp to heal partner Increased SP consumption to 100 Angelus 'Skill' Disabled in PVP // Reduce damage taken from demi humans from 1% per level to 0.3% per level Lex Aeterna No longer pierces Golden Thief Bug Card Effect Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacramenti Cannot affect allies // Hard Cooldown: 2 sec Now converts enemies to Shadow Level 3 instead of Holy Level 1 Overwrites 'Elemental Change' skills Note: the tooltip and buff icon will say that they have holy armor but it is shadow property Assumptio Reduced from 50% to 20% fixed at GvG/WoE maps Meteor Storm Fixed issue where level 1 skill does the same damage as level 10 skill Note: Additional improvements in number of hits through spamming this skill will be reworked in the future Land Protector Set fixed cooldown at 0.8s Providence Replaced default effect with +10% resist to all elements EXCEPT neutral property Fortune's Kiss Replaced default effect with Critical Damage and Long Range Damage +5% Humming Additional Effect: +10 STR, Dex, Int and Luck Assassin Cross of Sunset Additional Effect: +8% resist to all elements EXCEPT neutral property Poem of Bragi Additional Effect: +5% ATK // +5% MATK Flying Side Kick Chance to dispell Soul Link Effects set at 25% [Soul Link Changes] [Only Work in GvG/WoE maps] Monk Spirit Max SP +15% Asura Strike Damage +5% Blacksmith Spirit Cart Termination damage is increased by 35% when enemies are under the effects of 'Elemental Change' Knight Spirit Spiral Pierce now ignores half of defender [MISC/Fixes] Increase Agility Scrolls now have 0.5 or 500ms delay Sharingan Changes: - Removed 'Preserve' Skill - Add +10 str, dex, and int - Increased ATK and MATK bonus to 4% // Every 2 refine adds +1% ATK and MATK Moober Hat change: Decreased neutral property resistance from 10% to 6% Garment elemental reduction enchantment: No longer affect NEUTRAL resist attacks Long Range Runestone change: Now affects 'Acid Demonstration' and 'Soul Breaker' skill Physical Runestone change: Now affects 'Soul Breaker' skill Reduced Zeny an 'Quest Certification' requirement for Karna's Shield Decreased chance to get Enchanter, Platinum, and Mithril Coins from Mining Removed 'Enchanter Coin' from Fishing NPC Instances Drops can now be put in storage Fixed issue of WoE giving wrong 'War Credit' amount to participants and guild leaders Replaced 'Mystical Card Album' on 'Hourly Shop' with Bloody Branch HD/Enriched Elunium and Oridecon can now be put in cart and can be vend. Fixed issue of 'Preview' bug on NPC's that let them keep the HG's previewed for a short time. Lighthalzen MvP Cards has been removed in Mystical Card Album. Class Change no longer spawns Lighthalzen MvP's. [KNOWN BUGS] [TO BE FIXED IN THE FUTURE] Players take +300% more damage from other players when wearing the following Battleground Armors: Warlock's Battle Robe Elite Engineer Armor Assaulter Plate Assassin Robe Elite Archer Suit Elite Shooter Suit Medic Robe
  6. Hello, Carats! This was a quick maintenance that fixed certain issues. Thank you for your patience. [MISC/Fixes] Fixed issue where jumping to "0" parameter for hairstyle causes error in town Fixed Homunculus being stuck on PVP, LMS, and GVG map Fixed an issue with "Sharingan" that lets it copy a skill permanently upon taking off this headgear Fixed KVM issue where only 4 players can get inside despite having 8 people queued Changed Roulette Coins to "etc" category on inventory Malaya is now @go 0 // Prontera changed to @go 34 Relocated Eleanor's Wig #31478 from lower to upper costume Disabled mapflags @warp and @jump on 'Ghost Palace' Fixed Boitata respawn time being extended Fixed issue on 'Old Glast Heim' Corrected MVPs so minions spawn normally now Reverted "Mother's Nightmare" drop from Maya to 20% [Items] Added an item slot to Rinnegan PVP Composite Bow III [4] now gives bonus to "Double Strafe" damage instead of "Focused Arrow Strike" [Skills] Angelus, Gloria, and Magnificat now pierces "Golden Thief Bug Card" effect Note: Please check the new effects of these skills on previous patch note