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  1. Raffle Event #3 Winners: (Last Event) Note: Changed 'UERO Gift Box 2019' to 'New Year's Red Envelope'
  2. Raffle Event #2 Winners: Note: Changed 'UERO Gift Box 2019' to 'New Year's Red Envelope'
  3. Raffle Event #1 Winners: Note: Changed 'UERO Gift Box 2019' to 'New Year's Red Envelope'
  4. Date: December 21, 2019 - January 11, 2020 Winter is here, everyone! It is the first time of the year to celebrate this upcoming Christmas with us, the staff has decided to host an event that will bring out more fun to everyone! We hope that you'll enjoy this special time with us as much as we do! To start it of, here's the following events; make sure to check the instructions carefully! Check out 'Kurismasu NPC' in malaya, for our Christmas Present to everyone! You need to bring Santa Hat and do the small quest to obtain Antonio's Santa Hat. click here - EVENT DONE!! Santa wants to give you something! He's at Lutie! (xmas 145 95). Where to get UERO Gift Box 2019, Wrapping Lace/Paper & Red Stocking? - Look for 'Horror Factory Entrance NPC' in malaya town. You need to kill the monsters inside the factory to get the specific requirements needed. Note: You cannot enter inside the factory without Antonio's Santa Hat, you must do the santa hat quest first in-order to get inside. (Check Kurismasu NPC for Santa Hat Quest). After getting all the materials that you're looking for, talk to Horror Factory Entrance NPC again and select 'Take me to Santa!!' or simply type 'xmas 145 95'. List of monsters and it's loots: Date: December 8, 13-14, 20-21, 27-28 - EVENT DONE!! Mechanics/Rules: Refine <headgear> to a certain level. Redeeming times: 10:00 am GMT +8 / 2:00 UTC/Server Time - 11:00 pm GMT +8 / 15:00 UTC/ Server time You can only redeem one item per tier. Mention @Athanasia or @Canaria here at discord to redeem or @request in game. We will announce what headgear you will refine. Players who already redeemed +10 tier can't redeem it again. (Let's give everyone a chance) (discord event, please join here) Specific Dates for Winner Announcement: December 28 (Raffle 1), January 4 (Raffle 2) and January 11 (Raffle 3). Mechanics: React 🎉 below of the Bot's message to participate on this event. (see #raffle for this) The Raffle will start at 10:00pm (GMT+8) and will end same time after a week. The duration of the raffle will be 1 week Raffle Winners will be revealed after 1 week/168hours There will be 2 lucky winners on this event per week. Please change your nicknames to your in game name, so it will be easy for us to look for you. Prizes: Note: Raffle Event consist of 3 raffle giveaways. This event will last only for 3 weeks. (1 week = 1 raffle giveaway) Date and Time is still TBA. Stay tuned in #event-board for our updates.
  5. Rush Level Event already ended 2 days ago.