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Patch Notes 1/19/2020

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Hey, Carats! Please spend some time to read the following changes and additions below in this maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience. Fortune favors the bold. Good luck to all.





  • Added 'Capture the Flag' mode.
  • 'Happy Hour' (50% more points) at these specific times: 14:00-16:00 Sunday / Tues / Thurs / Sat server time
  • Unlimited Dynamic Queue (minimum 3 vs 3) [There is a chance for odd team numbers, even numbers soon!]
  • Now heals & dispels players upon entry only
  • Disable guild skills @ecall and 'restore' skill
  • Every 5th win, players get 'Battleground Reward Box'
  • KVM Point Adjustment: 8 badges win // 2 badges loss
  • Added 'Idle Warning' when players aren't moving or using skills


Battleground Reward Box (Random) [Obtainable every 5th Win in battleground]

  • Donation Token
  • Bloody Branch
  • Convex Mirror
  • Power Slotter Item
  • Costume Coupon
  • Costume Shard (Exchangeable at Shard Shop @bg)
  • Mystical Card Album
  • 20x War Badge
  • 5x 10M Zeny Note
  • 10x Old Card Album
  • Quest Certificate Box
  • 5x Box of Box of Panting
  • Enchanter Coin Box
  • Purified Elunium Box
  • Purified Oridecon Box
  • Enriched Elunium Box
  • Enriched Oridecon Box




Creator Flamel Card


  • Increase Heal Effectiveness of Slim Potion Pitcher by 25%
  • Increase SP consumption by 35%
  • Compound: Headgear


Gypsy Trentini Card


  • Arrow Vulcan Damage +4%
  • Dex +5
  • Compound: Accessory





image.png.119ced71a71f14675e910bb14173c487.png Meteor Storm

  • Each meteor hits 1x for 2500% MATK
  • MS still spawns the correct number of meteors (7 at level 10)
  • Salamander Card: Meteor Storm Damage +100%
  • Hard Cooldown: 1000ms or 1 sec
  • Note: Changes were made to reduce lag input in WoE 


image.png.aa1ac86e20d81b9c7c9c9cf6b63ee10a.png Auto Spell

  • Now takes highest level of bolt you've learned
  • Added 'Earth Spike' Skill


image.png.005f09da56611c44ee06007a96ee982c.png Land Protector

  • Cooldown brought back to default 65ms


image.png.1554bb43baaced6b79e45185a3f99655.png Potion Pitcher

  • Now heals 1/4 to married characters only
  • Note: Changes were made due to availability of E Bacsojin, E Boss Cenia,  and E Orc Hero




  • Added the following cards in Evolution MVP Cards:





  • Adjusted the following weight of these items:

-   [PVP] Pike III: 650 weight

-   [PVE] Pike III: 650 weight

-   Glorious Spear: 650 weight

-   Pike[4]: 500 weight

-   White Potion: 5 weight

  • Karna Armor: Decrease HIT from +200 to +50 I +5 Def and MDEF
  • Karna Robe: Added Stalker Class
  • Filavandrel's Wrath: fixed 'True Sight' bug on 'Gunslinger' class. Added -Vit Def bonus on higher refine levels
  •  E Lord Knight Card: Fixed effect to properly apply STR bonus I Now applies to: Assassin Cross Class
  • Sniper Card: Reduced hit to 125
  • Fixed issue of White Lady and Evolved White Lady Card giving more healing effects than intended
  • The following cards won't stack more than 2:

-   Alligator

-   Siroma

-   Imp

-   Gypsy Trentini

-   Gallion

-   Cookie





[Shard Shop NPC]

  • Location: malaya 270 273
  • Currency 'Costume Shards' are collected randomly from 'Battleground Rewards Box'
  • 'Battleground Rewards Box' are obtained every 5th win in BG


[Battleground Headgear Shop]

  •  Location: malaya 270 276


[Card Collector NPC]

  • Location: quest_sanc 80 139
  • Exchanges normal monster cards to 'Kit Coins' for exchanging goods in 'Kit Shop NPC'

[World Boss Shop]

  • Location: quest_sanc 90 128
  • Exchange 'Reaper's Gemstone' currency which is obtained from World Boss




[Karma Shop NPC]

  • Added Hunter Cap, Copolla, Gangster Scarf, Crimson Rose, Kiel Aura,  Balloon Hat, and Diamond Dust


[Recolor NPC]

  • Added Gangster Scarf, Copolla, Captain Hat, and Hunter Cap


[Mini Game Exchanger NPC]

  • Added Headgears


[Woe Rewards NPC]

  • Added Shanks Cape and Divine Helm


[Donation Shop]

  • Added 'Day Ring' headgear




  • Added 'Stylist' NPC on every town
  • Manuk Field 1-3 is now accessible to players
  • 'Legacy Trader' NPC: Added Lady Tanee Card for 4 credits
  • Punching Bag [Purple Rock]: Fixed knockback issue I Adjusted to Demihuman property
  • Added missing prefixes for all MVP cards including all evolution cards
  • Fixed Healer NPC bug
  • Enchanter NPC:

-  Fixed movement speed enchant to stack with increase agility effect

-  Fixed armor/mdef increase from armor enchant

- Fixed wrong elemental reduction item description





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