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Patch Notes 1/27/2020

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Hello, sorry for the inconvenience of the extended maintenance. Have a good day.



  • Added new hairstyles (up to 97) and color (up to 251)


[Feature Changes]


[NEW! Biolab Daily Instance]

  • Available on @instances
  • Resets on official server time
  • Mechanics:
    • No HP healing items with the exception of yggdrasil leaf
    • When all players die, they get kicked and cannot re-do the instance til reset
    • No repeatable jobs
    • Automatic 'Even Share' drops
    • Receive 'Biolab Reward Box' upon completion

[NEW! MVP Ladder]

  • NPC: Gladiator Arena (quest_sanc 109 125)
  • Mechanics:
    • Minimum of 3 players (all must be inside) I Maximum of 5 players
    • Deaths may only be resurrected by 'Resurrection' Skill or by Yggdrasil Leaf I No auto respawn
    • If all party members died, they are restarted to previous 3rd level
    • Yggdrasil Berry and Seed are disabled
    • No repeat jobs
    • 'Gladiator Reward Box' given upon completion
    • Disabled @warp and @jump
    • Every Monday @ Server time is the reset for weekly rankings.
    • Prize for the best time of the week is ; 1x Karma Coin and 1x Donation Token for each party member.


[Mining Dungeon]

  • Added Gepard Computer Unique ID
  • Set Mining Limit to 200
  • Mining is now automatic with one click
  • Adjusted mining coin rates:
    • Bronze Coin = 30%
    • Silver Coin = 10%
    • Gold  Coin = 3%
    • Mithril  Coin = 1%
    • Platinum Coin = 0.50%
    • Enchanter Coin = 1%

[Daily Rewards]

  • Gepard based hourly point timer


[World Boss]

  • Schedule change to Friday 15:00 ST I  Saturday & Sunday 1 hour before War of Emperium (12:00 ST). 


[Official Server Reset Time]

  • Daily Quest Resets Daily every 12 hours. Timer in @quest behind their NPC's
  • Daily Instances, and Gladiator Arena resets every 24 hours. Timer in @quest


[Item Changes]

  • Removed all item restrictions on PVE Armors and Glorious items
  • Glorious Weapons are now all indestructible
  • E Drake now deals more damage to MVP monsters instead of Large-type enemies
  • The Sign, BG Medallions, and Glorious Rings' effect won't work if players are wearing 2 of these same accessories.

Note: Send @request or ticket if you've already claimed 2 of these for compensation

  • Clown CardWhen under the effect of Poem of bragi, reduce damage taken from Demi-Humans by 2%. Physical and Magical Damage increase by 2%. Enable its user to detect hidden enemies. [Doesn't stack]
  • Lowered weight on all dye creation requirements, white slim potion, blue potion, and Box of Panting
  • 'The Sign' accessory is now tradable
  • Ifrit Rings can now be worn by all classes


[NPC Changes]


[Daily Quest NPC]

  • All quests are now "Gepard Computer Unique ID" 
  • Changed all missions and adjusted quest certification rewards to 4 per completion


[Instance Reset Timer NPC]

  • Added on @quest map to check for checking reset timers on certain instances and daily quest


[Kit Coin Shop and Card Collector NPC]

  • Lowered zeny and 'kit coin' requirements


[Battleground Item Shop NPC]

  • NPC Location: malaya 292 273
  • Sells various consumables


[WoE Shop NPC]

  • Reduced 'War Credit' requirements for all listed headgears


[MVP Cards Evolution]

  • Lowered material requirements for E Baphomet Card


[War of Emperium]

  • All castles are now 2nd room flag-ins except Holy Shadow, Kriemhild, Skoegul, Mersetzdeiz, and Yesnelph


[Karma Shop]

  • Removed Crimson Rose
  • Adjusted prices for Diamond Dust, Gangster Scarf, Balloon Hat, Copolla, and Hunter's Cap


[Quest Reward Redeemer]

  • Reduced prices for 'Bloody Branch' and 'Mystical Card Album'


[Recolor NPC]

  • Added Copolla, Wings of Victory, Skull Cap, and Gangster Scarf


[Skill Changes]


  • image.png.140a961f9651f741d4897acc3beb8a2e.png Bowling Bash: fixed AoE setting to default
  • image.png.9de2c02f2fdbcffb87b304bc4c5f708d.png Elemental Change: Fixed at level 1 and lasts 90 sec 




  • Increased chance to obtain 'Costume Shard' to 35%
  • Disabled Bloody Branch and Dead Branch
  • Adjusted the following damage setting to:

"weapon_damage_rate 60",

"magic_damage_rate 60",

"misc_damage_rate 60",

"long_damage_rate 80",

"short_damage_rate 80",

Note: This won't be changed again


[Skills Modifications only inside Battlegrounds] [100% = default]

  • Enabled 'Running' Skill
  • Meteor Storm [From 500% to 200%]
  • Storm Gust [130%]
  • Heavens Drive [110%]
  • Magic Crasher [150%]
  • Lord of Vermillion [150%]
  • Fire Wall [250%]
  • Fire Pillar [300%]
  • Falcon Assault [240%]
  • Slim Potion Pitcher [70%]
  • Throw Venom Knife [1500%]
  • Sanctuary [120%]
  • Mammonite [200%]
  • Triple Attack [150%]
  • Arrow Vulcan [115%]
  • Shield Chain [115%]
  • Cold Bolt, Fire Bolt, Earth Spike, and Lightning Bolt [110%]
  • Spread Attack [150%]
  • Ground Drift [700%]
  • Spear Boomerang [150%]
  • Spiral Pierce [150%]
  • Throw Huuma Shuriken [110%]
  • Throw Kunai [150%]


Note: Future modifications inside BG planned for future patch (not yet implemented) include, but not limited to:

  • Defender Skill [Halved Effect]
  • Golden Thief Bug Effect and BG Shield [80% magic nullification]
  • Cart Termination damage increase
  • Throw Tomahawk damage increase
  • Soul Breaker damage increase
  • Grimtooth damage increase
  • Increase number of hits to 2 to remove traps




  • Fixed issues with repeating daily quests
  • 'Filvandrel's Wrath' now have 'True Sight' on applicable classes
  • Creator and Champion Card should now drop at a 10% chance
  • Added MvP Notification for Lighthalzen 4 MvPs
  • Viewing image of 'Evolution MVP Cards' should not crash players
  • Healer NPC now removes 'strip' status
  • Disabled @mall, @quest, and @vend inside PVP arena
  • Added 'Embryo Creation Guide' on Alchemist NPC
  • Refine rates decreased by a percentage


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