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Crimson Kyo

Patch Notes 2/03/2020

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Hello, Carats!


Here are the following changes for this week's patch.



  • Schedule : Tuesday and Thursday 10PM to 1030PM GMT+8 | 14:00-14:30 SERVER TIME
  • Guild Capacity Limit : 16 players.
  • Individual Rewards for the winning Guild
    • Conqueror of the Hill Box
  • More details will be posted in official announcement.



  • Guild Capacity limit is now 16 players only. Exceeding members will get kicked out inside the castle.
  • More details will be posted in official announcement.



Karna's Shop

  • NPC Location : @warp quest_sanc 96 133
  • All Karna's Items are moved in this npc.


Monthly Headgear NPC

  • NPC Location : @warp quest_sanc 92 139
  • February Limited Quest released.



Enchanter Ticket



  • Item use for Enchant NPC
  • Allows a free enchant without usage of zeny and enchanter coins.


World Boss Runes





  • Does not stack with PvP Runes.
  • Only 1 rune works and does not stack effects.
  • Runes available in World Boss Shop.
  • NPC Location : @warp quest_sanc 92 128


Flamel Card



  • Flamel now drops card at 10% Rate. (This is not an MVP)
  • Common mob can be found in @warp lhz_dun04


Hardrock Mammoth Card



  • MvP Located in @warp man_fild03
  • MvP Respawns every 240minutes upon killed.
  • Hardrock Mammoth MVP had been buffed with stats.
  • MVP is spawnable in Bloody Branch and Class Change.
  • Card Drop rate at 10%
  • Compounded on Shield


Tendrilrion Card



  • MvP Located in @warp spl_fild03
  • MvP Respawn timer has been changed from 60 minutes to 240 minutes.
  • Tendrilrion had been buffed with stats.
  • MVP is spawnable in Bloody Branch and Class Change.
  • Card Drop rate at 10%
  • Compounded on Shield



[General - Changes]

Falcon Assault [SNIPER]

  • Now pierces pneuma but will only deal 1/3 damage through it.
  • Adds maximum MATK to the final damage. [If your current falcon assault damage is 10,000 and your maximum MATK is 7,000, then Falcon Assault new damage should be 17,000]


Impositio Manus [HIGH PRIEST]

  • Now casts to party. No longer single target buff.


Holy Light [HIGH PRIEST]

  • Now pierces Holy Armor (Angeling Card) when wearing Evolved High Priest Card


Magnus Exorcimus [HIGH PRIEST]

  • Should now affect shadow element.


Slim Potion Pitcher [CREATOR]

  • from 200% healing for non-married characters, 50% healing for married characters.


Flying Side Kick [TAEKWON]

  • Dispell Chance back to 100%


Land Protector [PROFESSOR]

  • Set delay at 0.8s


Provoke and Mind Breaker

  • set to 100% chance.


Marriage Heal

  • Set delay at 65ms.


[Battleground - Changes]

  • Defender Skill [PALADIN] Long Range Reduction Halved Effect
  • Golden Thief Bug Card / E Golden Thief Bug Card / Paladin Card - nullify magic damage from 85% to 80%
  • Acid Demonstration [Creator] damage to 80%
  • Spear Boomerang [Lord Knight] damage to 150% to 110%
  • Double Strafe [Sniper] damage to 235% (The same with all map settings
  • Venom Knife [ASSASSIN CROSS] damage adjusted from 1500% to 150%


[WoE/GVG - Changes]

  • Defender Skill [PALADIN] Long Range Reduction set at 67%
  • Hunter Spirit [SOUL LINKER] Raise the chance from 10% to 15% for Sharpshoot skill to ignore half of defender's effect. Double Strafe ignores half of defender at 10% chance.
  • Golden Thief Bug Card [also E Golden Thief Bug Card] and Paladin Card: nullify magic damage from 85% to 75%
  • Crusader Spirit [SOUL LINKER] : Raise HP cap of paladins to 2,000,000
  • Meteor Storm [HIGH WIZARD] : Reduced damage from 500% to 200%
  • Knight Spirit: Spiral Pierce [from ignoring half of the defender effect to completely ignore it]. Add Spear Boomerang to ignore half of the defender effect when linked.



  • ALL HP CAP Raised from 1,500,000 to 1,850,000. [MAX HP LIMIT]



  • Salamander Card description effect fixed.
  • 'Day Ring' item is now fixed should be working for all classes to use autospell at level 4
  • Added Box of Box of Panting in Battleground Shop.
  • Wheel of Fortune not giving Mystical Card Album is now fixed.
  • Lower Costumes Sprites that does not appear is now fixed.
  • Healer NPC debuffing all good buffs and items is now fixed.
  • Rental Keys becoming apples when expired should no longer give apple automatically.
  • MvP Card Drops that are not dropping has now been fixed.
  • Mining will no longer have a 200x limit on February 5, 2019. It will still be geparded.
  • Fishing will now be geparded on February 5, 2019.
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