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Full Installer & Lite Installer

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Full Installer : (recommended installation process, click the links to download)


EXE File


How to install Exe Setup : Click one of the links above, follow the prompts, it will go through installation process. After installing, run the setup.exe and your patcher.


Archived Format (.rar)


How to install .rar : You may need WinRAR in order to extract the files. Choose a folder to extract these files. After extracting, run the setup.exe and your patcher.




Lite Installer : (click the links to download)


EXE File


Archived Format (.rar)


How to install Lite Installer?

  • Take note that Lite Installer does not have data.grf and rdata.grf, and if you have one make sure IT IS UPDATED. If your grf is not updated, you may experience errors within the game because the server is running some renewal contents.
  • After download and extracting, just simply put your data.grf and rdata.grf in the same folder. Run your setup.exe and Unethical RO Patcher.




Other Files: (click the links to download)


data.grf & rdata.grf (.rar)

data.grf & rdata.grf - Download via Google Drive

* This is only an optional file, these files are included in the Full Installer above. This is only required for lite instatller process.


BGM Folder

BGM - Download via Google Drive

* Full installer doesn't have BGM Folders. You may put this in your Unethical RO Folder to have BGM in-game.


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