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2vs2 UERO PvP Event : Weekly Season 1

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We're ramping up the PvP action with our first ever season of Unethical RO 2vs2 event! The official season will start tomorrow, March 14, 2020 and ends on March 29, 2020.


Ranking Date/s : March 14 to 20, and March 23 to 27.

Championship Date/s : March 21 to 22 and March 28 to 29, 2020.


Event Mechanics :

  • The ranking event will run daily from 14:00 to 15:00 Server Time (via @time)
  • Map is Set to PvP Settings.
  • Tournament Type : Round Robin
  • Best of 2 per match. Possibile for a tie in rankings.
  • Highest point per bracket will advance to the Championship qualifier.
  • Match Time limit is 4 minutes.
  • Teams will be dispelled upon entering the battle arena.
  • Players may be able to replace their roster but their points will reset back to 0.
  • Maximum of 2 minutes upon announcement per Team. If team did not show, automatic next match.
  • Point Standings and results will be posted here in the same thread.
  • Top 4 teams will advance to championship dates.


Event Rules & Restrictions :

  1. No JOB REPITITION. (Baby class of the same class is also not allowed)
  2. Dual Client Teams are not allowed. (If caught, automatic disqualification)
  3. All types of COMA is not allowed.
  4. Healing items are not allowed.
  5. Teleportation items are not allowed.
  6. Asura Strike is allowed after 3 minutes.


Banned Skills/Jobs:

  • Star Gladiator/Taekwon/Soul Linker is not allowed.
  • Marriage Skills is not allowed.
  • Basilica is not allowed.
  • Resurrection is not allowed.
  • Trick Dead is not allowed.
  • Abracadabra is not allowed.


Prizes : TBD


How to Register for the event?

  • Players can register for the event by posting in this thread with this example format;


Team Name :

Player 1 :

Player 2 : 

Team Motto :


  • Players can also join directly in-game while event is ongoing. Teams will be registered here after.



Map Name: PvP : Event Coliseum (pvp_2vs2)




Day 1 Rankings : March 14, 2020



Day 2 Rankings : March 15, 2020



Day 3 Rankings March 16, 2020



Day 4 Rankings March 18, 2020



Day 5 Rankings March 19, 2020



Day 6 Rankings March 20, 2020





Qualified Teams for Championship (March 21-22, 2020)


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Team Name : TeamBodoh

Player 1 : Lakas mo po

Player 2 : 94715

Team Motto : Keep Trying

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Team Name : WeDontCare

Player 1 : Home Sick

Player 2 :  Unholy

Team Motto : Just do what you want 🙂

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Team Name: Vibe

Player 1: Yukihira Souma

Player 2: Encik Abang Misai

Team Motto: We do be kinda vibin' tho 👀

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Team Name: PorkchopDuo

Player 1: S n o o p

Player 2: Landpro

Team Motto: Be Happy

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