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Patch Notes 22/11/2019

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First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the patience.  The server host performed a maintenance which caused the server to crash.  Since there's already a scheduled maintenance, we thought we should just extend the downtime since the server will be down anyways.  This patch notes is THICC so I hope I don't bore you to death.  Anyways, here's the patch notes.

Patch Notes

Guild Package

Guilds can now claim their GPACK from GMs.

Here are the requirements:

- Minimum Members : 6 players
- Must be online upon redeeming
- Provide screenshot of group

How to claim GPACK?

- Type @request or post to Forums, Facebook, or Discord.

GPACK contains the following (items are account bounded excluding the supplies):


- Guild Leader Package
       - 1 Sealed Thanatos Card [ID: 55000]

       - 2 Sealed Tao Gunka Card [ID:55001]

       - 2 Sealed Assassin Cross Card [ID :55004]

       - 2 Sealed Lord Knight Card [ID:55003]

       - 2 C Black Ancient Valkyrie Helm [ID: 33012]
       - 1 C Obito Mask [ID: 33015]
       - 3 C Beast Wing [ID: 33023] 
       - 1 C Moober Hat [ID: 33025]
       - 5 Mythical Card Album

  - Guild Member Package per member including Guild Master
       - 35 Quest Certificates [30005]
       - 9  UERO Rental Keys [ID: 30008] 
       - Sealed Golden Thief Bug [ID: 55002]

       - Ghostring Cards
       - Moonlight Flower Card
       - Valkyrie Shield [ID: 2115]
  - Guild Supplies
       - Elemental Converters x 300 each [ID: 12114-12117]
       - BOP Boxes x 200 [ID: 30001]
       - 10m Zeny Note x50 [ID: 30000]

Trial War of Emperium

• The trial WoE will be on Sunday 24/11/2019 - 13:00 - 14:00 server time.



• Added Costume Unleashed Blue to Donation NPC for 8 Donation Tokens.

• Added Costume Ultra Instinct White to Donation NPC for 10 Donation Tokens.


• Added Power Slotter Item to Donation NPC and the cost 2 pieces for 1 Donation Token. 

(All sprites are officials for Unethical RO and has the rights to use it. Made by : Haziel)



• Lowered the Daily quest monsters.

• Increased obtainable Quest Certificates from Daily quest from 1 to 3 per quest.

November Limited Quest - Added Golden Gladiator Helm and Bloodfire Sword to Daily Quest NPC.  It is only available in November.

• Due to Quest Certificates now being account bound instead of character bound, we increased the required Donation Certificates for Quests (non-slotted headgears).

• To compensate for the increased Quest Certificate, we decreased the materials for each headgear quest (non-slotted).

• Added Bloody Branch to Daily Quest NPC.

• Added Mystical Card Album to Daily Quest NPC.


Item Slotter

• Players can now trade their non-slotted headgear from Daily Quest to slotted ones in exchange for Power Slotter Item (2x per DT).


Item Changes

• Valkyrie Armor, Valkyrie Shield, Valkyrie Manteau, and Valkyrie Shoes now have a 40% drop rate.

• Diabolus Armor, Diabolus Robe, and Diabolus now have a 40% drop rate.

• Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb now has 60% drop rate.

* Due to the feedback and suggestions from players (including MVP hunters), we lowered the drop rate for these items. *

• Instance armors are now account bound.


World Boss

• World Boss now correctly spawns.

• Heavily buffed the world boss' HP.  We got reports that it could be solo'ed. We will buff its damage if it's still too easy.


Buwaya Cave Instance

• Fixed the Buwaya Cave cooldown bug.

• Disabled @jump in Buwaya Cave.


Skill Changes

• Increased Double Strafing Damage from 180% to 300% (please provide feedback if it's still weak/too strong).

• Increased Cart Termination damage from 100% to 115%.


Minor changes/fixes

• Added Beginner Guide NPC in Malaya.

• Skulls obtained from PVP can now be stored.

• Quest Certificates are now account bound (instead of character bound).

• Added Bloody Branch, Battle Manual, and Panacea to Malaya Tool Dealer.

• Changed White Lady / Bacsojin Card effect to 10% additional healing for Monk, Rogue, and Crusader class (other classes still get 30% additional healing).

• Fixed Rental.  Cards compounded on rental gears now return to your inventory.  Also, re-added slotted rental headgears.

• Fixed damage in PVP room.  For some reason the damage in PVP room was reduced by a huge amount.

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4 hours ago, ShiniGummy said:

still not up yet? im so eager to play right now =(

Server up. Don't forget to patch your client 😉

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World Boss

• World Boss now correctly spawns.

• Heavily buffed the world boss' HP.  We got reports that it could be solo'ed. We will buff its damage if it's still too easy.

Just increase hp? making it harder for wiz and other jobs. sinx can still do 1v1 anyway glfh. Was requesting PVP in MVPs.

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