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Crimson Kyo

War of Emperium Opening!

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The long awaited battle... The battle of the champions.... Do you have what it takes to be a challenger? Do you have what it takes to be one of the best, and conquer the Land of the Forgotten?


Introducing! Server's first

War of Emperium!

along with the opening of the War of Emperium, we had prepared a guild package to help you start and prepare for the WoE.

Guild Package Mechanics:


Guild Leader Package
- 1 Sealed Thanatos Card
- 2 Sealed Tao Gunka Card
- 2 Sealed Assassin Cross Card
- 2 Sealed Lord Knight Card
- 2 C Black Ancient Valkyrie Helm
- 1 C Obito Mask
- 3 C Beast Wing
- 1 C Moober Hat
- 5 Mythical Card Album

Guild Member Package (Including Guild Leader)
- 35 Quest Certificates
- 9 UERO Rental Keys
- Sealed Golden Thief Bug
- Sealed Ghostring Card
- Sealed Moonlight Card
- Valkyrie Shield

 Guild Supplies
- Elemental Converters x 300 each
- BOP Boxes x 200
- 10m Zeny Note x50


To be eligible, you must meet the terms of the following:

1). Minimum of 6 members

2). All 6 members including the guild leader should be online

3). Provide screenshot of your guild with members, send it to us via forums, or discord.


Message any of the staffs to claim. Thank you for taking time to read. We will see you in-game! and let us know if you have questions.

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