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Crimson Kyo

Guild Packages

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Hello, Carat!


You may had been wondering what are the guild packages when you are new to the server with your friends. Hence, we created a WoE ready items for all new guilds that will join us in our upcoming War of Emperiums and other guild events.


Here are the following guild packages;



  • 1x S Memory of Thanatos Card
  • 1x Tao Gunka Card
  • 2x Golden Thief Bug Card
  • 2x S Assassin Cross Card
  • 10x Enchanter Coin
  • 2x C Black Ancient Valkyrie Helm
  • 4x C Beast Wing
  • 4x C Moober Hat
  • 1x C Obito Mask
  • 3x Mystical Card Album



  • 35x Quest Certificates
  • 12x UERO Rental Keys
  • 1x 10M Zeny Note
  • 1x S Golden Thief Bug Card
  • 1x S Ghostring Card
  • 1x S Tao Gunka Card
  • 1x S Deviling Card
  • 1x Moonlight Flower Card
  • 1x Valkyrie Shield
  • 2x Alligator Card
  • 1x Smokie Card
  • 1x Thara Frog Card
  • 1x Horn Card



  • 100x Box of Box of Panting (1 box = 50 pcs)
  • 50x 10M Zeny Note
  • 25x Fire Converter Box (1 box = 10 pcs)
  • 25x Wind Converter Box
  • 25x Water Converter Box
  • 25x Earth Converter Box
  • 150x Cobweb
  • 10x Box of Glistening Coat (1 box = 50 pcs)
  • 10x Box of Red Gemstone (1 box = 100 pcs)
  • 10x Box of Yellow Gemstone
  • 10x Box of Blue Gemstone
  • 10x Box of Acid Bottle (1 box = 200 pcs)
  • 10x Box of Bottle Grenade (1 box = 200 pcs)


How to be eligble to get the GUILD PACKAGES?

  • Each character should be level 500/120
  • Minimum of 8 members including leader to apply for a guild package.
  • Must introduce your guild and post it to 'Guild Recruitment' category in Guild Arena.
  • Provide your screenshot with the guild ingame and include the picture in your post in Guild Recruitment.
  • All members must be online to be eligible to get the package.
  • If guild who claimed package will not WoE after 1 week. Items will be deleted.
  • Message any of the staffs in game using @request or join the discord channel and message any of the staffs.

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